2019-01-18 - Arthur Buck - Palapa Society of Todos Santos, BCS Mexico

On Stage :

With Peter Buck

About this event, Joseph wrote on Instagram : <<Yesterday Peter and I visited the Palapa Society and played for the kids there and got to answer some questions about music and life in pursuing your dreams. We also were treated with an excellent musical performance from some of the students. It was extremely gratifying and lead into an evening of music making that excelled expectations. So grateful to be here and to be given the chance to share and exchange on this level. Feeling blessed.>>

Setlist : 

I Am The Moment
Are You Electrified?

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event.
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.

Jamie Ivee Sechrist filmed some songs and shared it with Facebook. Thank you !

Photos by Jamie Ivee Sechrist


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to be continued...

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