TAB : Maybe You

tabbed by Loïc

Maybe you (capo 2)

Cadd9 (x32030) G/B: x20030

Maybe you’re the only way

F#(200030) G (320030)

I can live

F# G

in my skin

Maybe you’re the only way

I can live in world as sin

Maybe you’re a lunatic

Maybe I craze you’re still

Cadd9 G/B

I don’t care ‘cause I love you

F# G F# G

In those empty night we fell

F# G F# G

I’ll be there with you

D (x00232) C (x32010) Em (022000) Bm (x24432)

To fly away, over me, in our love


And come what may

Em Bm D

I believe in the two of us

TAB : Break

Kindly tabbed by Loïc

Break (no capo) 

B (113331) Dm (x00231) Am (x02210) B

No mercy she’s seen it all before

They’re all men, putting on a wall

Get your garbage, they say nobody’s home

Take care of yourself, we take care of our own

Dm B

When you break the law

F (133211) C

I will be there to free you and to take your call

Dm B

Still, find a place to phone/ fall (?)


I’ll be here to free you and to take your call