2017 Gigography

Here is the list of concerts by Joseph Arthur in 2017.

2017-01-01 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2017-02-01 One on One Session, Rebel Country, NYC
2017-02-02 The Delancey, New York, NY USA
2017-03-02 Lou Reed's 75th Birthday Celebration, Bowery Electric, New York, NY USA
2017-03-08 City Vineyard, New York, NY USA
2017-03-21 Gibson Guitar Showrooms, New York, NY, USA
2017-04-11 City Vineyard, New York, NY USA
2017-04-22 Live at Drew's, Ringwood, NJ USA
2017-05-12 FUV Bash 2017, New York ,NY USA
2017-05-23 Apollo Theater, Harlem, NY USA
2017-06-08 Irish Arts Center, New York, NY, USA
2017-06-20 Great Scott, Boston, MA USA
2017-06-21 Sellersville Theatre 1894, Sellersville, PA USA
2017-06-23 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2017-06-24 Jammin' Java, Vienna, VA USA
2017-06-26 Space, Evanston IL USA
2017-06-27 Turf Club, St Paul, MN USA
2017-06-29 Music Box, Cleveland OH USA
2017-07-01 The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI USA
2017-07-11 Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-07-12 Brick and Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA USA
2017-07-14 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR USA
2017-07-15 The Triple Door, Seattle, WA USA
2017-07-28 Radio WOMAD session, Malmesbury, UK
2017-07-28 WOMAD, Malmesbury UK
2017-07-29 The Borderline, London UK
2017-07-31 Humphrey's, San Diego, CA USA
2017-08-01 Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2017-08-03 Vina Robles Amphitheatre, Paso Robles, CA USA
2017-08-04 The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA USA
2017-08-05 Grand Theatre - Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV USA
2017-08-10 Revolution Event Center, Boise, ID USA
2017-08-11 Fox Theater, Spokane, WA USA 
2017-08-14 The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT USA
2017-08-17 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO USA
2017-08-20 Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill Park, Flagstaff, AZ USA
2017-09-13 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-09-20 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-09-27 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-10-14 Todos Santos Inn, BCS Mexico
2017-10-20 Lethal Amounts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-11-18 Live @ Drew's, Ringwood, NJ USA
2017-12-05 Cellar Sessions, City Winery, New York, NY USA

If you own an audio / video recording of an "unavailable" concert, thank you kindly send me an email to whenyoucryyoureyesarehollow@gmail.com

UPDATED 2018-04-15

What A Wonderful World

Joseph Arthur releases on January 2017 his version of the Louis Armstrong classic 'What A Wonderful World' as a single in support of First Lady Michelle Obama's A Place at the Table campaign.

The three-year national media campaign aims to inspire America and its leaders to make ending hunger in the U.S. a national priority. Backed by $300M of donated media exposure from major media partners - including broadcast, digital, out of home and print advertising - A Place at the Table kicks off its campaign with a new public service announcement featuring First Lady Michelle Obama with Arthur's version of the song played during the spot.

"Beyond proud to be asked to record this song for the Food is Fuel campaign PSA with Michelle Obama" - Joseph Arthur

The announcement features working Americans struggling with hunger and encourages viewers to fuel the potential of every child by demanding action from our nation's leaders to fix the problem. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this single will go to the Food Policy Action Education Fund.

POEMS : 2017


I used to be a snowman
But now I'm just some sludge
An addict to nightmare
Or a dream one might begrudge
I was raised by demons
And then formed with flakes of snow
Their patterns all embedded
In the body where I'd blow 
Thru memories of colder days
When I was free to be
A flake up in the sky
Or then landing on a tree
Until a bunch of children
Came to menace me
They put a carrot on my face 
With acorn eyes to see
They made sure I adored them
They said look how fast we run! 
Just as the heat was rising
From the mourning noon day sun
Well I used to be a snowman
But now I'm just some sludge 
In darkness grey lamp burning
With a hankering for fudge 
Yes I used to be a snowman
But now I'm just yer sludge 
An addict to a nightmare
Or a dreAm one might begrudge.



Do your best.

This is magical. 
But it's dark. 
It's dark magic. 
Wooden spark. 
This transformation
Out of chains
Out of drama
Out of claims
That you've traumatized
A ship you've set sail. 
Out of fraud of the psyche 
Or emotional blackmail. 
Out of others control. Or not feeling whole. 
The weapons they used for the time that they stole. 
This is dark magic. 
Magic because, 
I've become the super nova
I always thought I was. 
I've become the light I had, 
but couldn't yet see. 
With packs of bullies and thieves 
following me. 
It's dark cause 
they’re gunning for me now
The smear
And their puppets
Dirty deeds
holy cow. 
It's magic cause 
I don't have to 
subvert myself now
My voice is my own
Always was anyhow,
But now not deflated 
Not spun out afraid, 
The chords of their toxins
Cut by my shiny blade.



Life is fool of ups and downs 
Hood winked by the sad face clowns
And wrinkled when we go
Out with all the lunatics
Beat you down with stones and sticks
And words that hit below
The belt on highway atmosphere 
Looking out for goodly cheer
And friendships you can keep
Most will simply slide away
Your pride should take holiday
And let your anger sleep
We can give it all away
The things we fear will simply say
Look up in the sky
Love is in the atmosphere 
The space between us reaching near 
Let's look each other in the eye

Some of us are born with this 
A gift we should bestow 
She said that we should go with it 
She wanted you and me to know




The hidden circus
Monkey grave
You shock the monkey
I'll be your slave
Two hundred years
And fifty more
Most family line
Is need or more 
The hidden circus
Broken still
There is no help
Or magic pill 
Evil sometimes 
Has its way
It bites your ass
You're scarred in trade
But you have lived 
Tho the past is gone
They mean you harm
They smirk when they
See you on the street
Your a puppy child 
Or a piece of meat
Mirror mirror 
On the wall 
And the unknown ball
Eyes wide shut
Vagina strut
The long legs open 
Before they shut
Some cocks lift off
Some cocks fall
Some just move 
While others ball
Some go awol
And others shout 
some just wander
Around the barn and spout. 
I love you two times
See you know more
Belong to widows
And songs of yore 
I should have left you
A frozen tiger
Or diamond king
Hello gulag
The circus toe
The elephants mouse
from key largo
Are they above me
Or somehow below
I've lost myself 
In your off beat glow 
Are they getting back and in 
The circus breaking 
Deep down within
The trainer quaking 
The lion tame
She comes for you it's 
Her again
The hidden circus 
Lifting sin now
Touch the need 
Within our skin


2017-01-26 (2)

The Devil Takes The Hindmost

If it wasn't what it is
It wouldn't be what it was
I never wanted this
I whisper underneath the bus
As you ride away from here 
My mind will cry and fuss
But what is left to save
When you've killed good will and trust

I begged you to begin
To try and treat me fair
It must be some mistake
You must be unaware
But your pain it just kept coming
Bewildered in my fear
I called out for your hand
But you were nowhere near
Since then I've shaved my head
My name is smeared alone
I try to follow any thread
But it's dancing skin and bone
The skeletons at prey
The wolves call them their own
I'm locked inside and waiting
As they sniff around my home.

The Devil Takes The Hindmost 
We've all been orphaned here
The Echo Maze perplexing
The Last Dupe at the rear.



A Love Note From The Sixties. 

To go to sleep,
the dawn has come, 
The drugs 
are quicksand grind. 
Of course
you're unfulfilled, 
My friend, 
The residents Must rewind. 
For them, 
you're unforgiven,
burning noose,
An apartment 
up in flames,
The whole place
much too loose. 
Quicksand Armageddon,
The Herculeas 
of fright, 
Who could really scare you,
that sang to you goodnight? 
that packed your paper lunches? 
that testified to light? 
that fixed your broken shower, slinging mud with all their might?
You've humbled much like Michael. 
You've watched a tired land,
Regret it's self destruction,
With a gun in every hand. 
And the ones that couldn't find you. 
How hard did they look?
The alarms and cops are coming, 
Why are you dressed up like a crook? 
Who could say they know you, 
Always on the run?
How long to call on fear, 
Or make it look like having fun?
But facing truth is reckless. 
It's destruction all around,
If your life is built on lies,
And the structure is unsound. 
But look around the neighborhood, 
Most are running scarred,
on a mountain meditating,
A thousand junkies less impaired. 
And sleep the sacred ruler,
The only real thing in this mess,
It attempts to wake you up,
With it's innocent address. 
But you run like beasts on fire,
To your same deceitful ways,
A toy that's set on broken,
Or a zombie in a daze. 
Please don't think it's judgement, 
I'm less ideal than that. 
Who designed this madness?
A maze inside a rat?
And when you ask it to forgive you,
Just who's voice is that?
A killer or a preacher?
Or a stolen baseball bat? 
Shattering a window
On a building abandoned still,
A trashcan is on fire 🔥 
It's what's left of your free will. 
And this is life resolving
Itself into a box, 
With a love note from the sixties, a broken necklace and a cross.


COVERART : What A Wonderful World (Digital Single)