2019-07-31 - Farewell to Varick St, City Winery, NY

pictures by Ehud Lazin

On Stage :

Last City Winery concert at 155 Varick Street, with Joan Osborne and special guests, including Joseph Arthur, Lee Ranaldo, James Maddock, Rhett Miller & Robyn Hitchcock.

City Winery New York will move into a new home at Pier 57 in early 2020. 

Setlist :

courtesy of Setlist.fm :

Trouble & Strife
Whole Wide World
Never Get Tired
Take It
Spider Web
One of Us
Gotta Serve Somebody (Bob Dylan cover)
Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn) (Bob Dylan cover) with Jill Sobule
The Man in Me (Bob Dylan cover) with Teddy Thompson
Just Like a Woman (Bob Dylan cover) with Robyn Hitchcock and Emma Swift.
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere (Bob Dylan & The Band cover) with Rhett Miller
Brokedown Palace (Grateful Dead cover) with Lee Ranaldo
A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Bob Dylan cover) with Jill Hennessy
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight (Bob Dylan cover) with James Maddock
Some Kind of Wonderful (Soul Brothers Six cover) with Betty
Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover) with Joseph Arthur
People Have the Power (Patti Smith cover)

Picture of the complete setlist was posted on Instagram.

Recording :

Ruby_p4 took the time to film The Performance, Thank You!

FretsmanRFS posted some songs from the Joan Osborne concert.


Facebook : 

2019 Gigography

Here is the list of concerts by Joseph Arthur in 2019 :

2019-01-01 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2019-01-03 Live @ Drew's, Ringwood, NJ USA
2019-01-05 Arthur Buck - Todos Santos Inn, BCS Mexico
2019-01-12 Arthur Buck - Todos Santos Inn, BCS Mexico
2019-01-24 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2019-01-26 Gates of the West, The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA USA
2019-01-30 Eric McFadden and Queen Delphine All-Star Tribue, The Mint, Los Angeles, CA USA
2019-02-09 Todos Santos Brewing, BCS Mexico
2019-04-18 The Hangar, Denver, CO USA
2019-04-26 "All I Can Say" Afterparty, Berlin, New York, NY USA
2019-06-27 The Mayfair Hotel, Los Angeles, CA USA
2019-07-16 "Remembering Leon Russell", City Winery, New York, NY USA
2019-07-31 Farewell to Varick St, City Winery, New York, NY USA
2019-08-04 Beggars Banquet, Bowery Electric, New York, NY USA

2019-09-14 Webster Hall, NYC, NY USA
2019-10-07 Knuckleheads, Kansas City, MO USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-08 Larimer Lounge, Denver, CO USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-10 The Triple Door, Seattle, WA USA
2019-10-12 Bunk Bar, Portland, OR USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-15 The Chapel, San Francisco, CA USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-16 The Roxy, Los Angeles, CA USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-17 Soda Bar, San Diego, CA USA (w/ Jesse Malin) tickets
2019-10-19 191 Toole, Tucson, AZ USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-21 Stubbs JR, Austin, TX USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-22 Continental Club, Houston, TX USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-23 Three Links, Dallas, TX USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-10-26 Rough Trade, Brooklyn, NY USA  tickets
2019-10-29 City Winery, Boston, MA USA
2019-10-30 Daryl's House, Pawling, NY USA
2019-11-01 The Locks at Sona, Philadelphia, PA USA
2019-11-02 Jammin Java, Vienna, VA USA
2019-11-03 Rams Head (Matinee), Baltimore, MD USA
2019-11-05 Neighborhood Theatre, Charlotte, NC USA tickets
2019-11-07 Magic Bag, Ferndale, MI USA tickets
2019-11-09 SPACE (Late Show), Evanston, IL USA (w/ Jesse Malin)
2019-11-10 7th St Entry, Minneapolis, MN USA (w/ Jesse Malin) tickets

to be continued...

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UPDATED 2019-08-06


Lost Songs

last update : 2019-08-10

From the most recent to the oldest, here are all the "lost songs" Joseph sows on his official website, on social media or at concerts.

And sometimes, they find their way by appearing on studio albums.

The Mayor Of The Lower Eastside (to be released 09-11 Come Back World)
Without Hesitation
This Songs Gonna Save Your Life
I'll Be Around (to be released 09-11 Come Back World)
Digital Slaves
Running With The Shadows
You're A Star
Breaking The Line
Somewhere With You (to be released 09-11 Come Back World)
Fantasy Road
The Escape Artist
Tomorrow Today (to be released 09-11 Come Back World)
Test My Gangster
A Seed For A Song
Learning To Stay
So Soon You'll Know (how does it feel to be free)
Gods And Runaways
Biggest Mistake (to be released 09-11 Come Back World)
Pale Fire (to be released 09-11 Come Back World)
Nefarious (Keep It Light)
Street Car (to be released 09-11 Come Back World)
Box Of Pain
Little Renegades
Cry Cry (Save Yourself)
Butterfly Knife
Goodnight Maybelline
Shake It Off
Miracle Ride
Rock Love
Walking in Kosovo 
Midnight Dirt 
People Were Dying 
Outside Your Window 

You can find the lyrics of some of these songs and informations at lonelyastronauts.com

Some songs are missing :

"Outside Your Window" is a very rare song that appears to be exclusive to the Songs For the New Album CD. This song has yet to find its way onto traders lists and is therefore practically unavailable.

"People Were Dying" was performed at Hoboken on 15 July 2004. No recording known to exist.

"Midnight Dirt" is a song mentionned by JA on a 2008 video interview for mog.com. He played a little bit of it and showed the lyrics but there's still no known recording.

"Popcorn" is a spoken song that Joseph made up and played live for the first time at the Stronghold, Venice, CA on 2 April 2010.

"Walking In Kosovo" is a song played live with Kraig Jarret Johnson, Scott McCaughey (keys) & Linda Pitmon in Mexico on January 2013.

"I Won't Call" is a unreleased song from the 2nd RNDM Record. Richard Stuverud was hoping it would have been included on the release. "Someday the light will shine on it."

"Rock Love" is a song created the day of the Woodstock Session (2016-07-30).

"Gaslitkid", "Pigeons", "Stop", "Miracle Ride" and "Shake It Off" are songs created with Paul Cantelon on July 2017 for the Project Torture Chamber VJJ. Some snippets of these songs were posted on the JA's Instagram.

On 27 August 2018, Joseph posted on Instagram a picture of the tracklist for a new record called "Fantasy Road". Some snippets were posted on Instagram since July 2018.

"Where Did You Go?", "Fall In Love With Me" & "Don't Try to Understand It" are some of the (six?) songs written by Arthur Buck during rehearsals in May 2018 for the Arthur Buck US Tour.

"Dreamcatcher" was played during a podcast recording for FilmWax Radio, on 2018-12-22.


Joseph Arthur's T-Shirts Collection

Any help will be welcome to compile the many t-shirts sold by Joseph.

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2000 Come To Where I'm From

2000 Come To Where I'm From 2

2005 Our Shadows Will Remain (Black)

2005 Our Shadows Will Remain (White)

2006 Yellow Bird Project

2007 Lonely Astronaut Label Logo

2007 Nuclear Daydream Shirt

2007 Let's Just Be White Shirt

2007 Let's Just Be Blue Shirt

2007 Let's Just Be Purple Shirt

2008 Could We Survive

2008 JA Signature

2008 Fish Eyes

2008 Crazy Rain (4 colors)

2009 Temporary People

2009 Tilt Boogie Tour

2010 Hand Silkscreened V-Neck

2010 Fistful Of Mercy

2011 Graduation Ceremony Cover

2011 Graduation Ceremony 

2011 Face 1 (+ The Graduation Ceremony Exclusive Live EP)

2011 Face 2 (+ The Graduation Ceremony Exclusive Live EP)

2011 Face 3 (+ The Graduation Ceremony Exclusive Live EP)

2012 RNDM Logo Shirt

2012 RNDM Tour Shirt

2012 RNDM Mask Shirt

2013 Who Is Boogie Christ?

2014 Boogie Christ

2014 Nothing To Talk About

2015 Days Of Surrender

2016 RNDM Ghost Riding

2016 The Family

2018 Arthur Buck

2018 Arthur Buck US Tour

2019 Come Back World


2019-07-16 - Remembering Leon Russell, City Winery, NYC

On Stage :

Featuring Rich Pagano as Musical Director with Marshall Crenshaw, Joseph Arthur, Scott Sharrard, Emily Duff, Laith Al-Saadi, Tash Neil, Ricky Byrd, Early Elton Trio, Brian Mitchell, Nicki Richards, Jeff Kazee, Jim Boggia, Fred Walcott, John Conte and The Asbury Jukes Horns.

A portion of proceeds will benefit to Recovery Release (sober house living for men) and New Hope Rising (sober house living for women).

Sober house living is the second stage or 'next step' of treatment after an intensive 30-40 day in-patient addiction program. The goal is to integrate recovering men and women back into their everyday life. Most families find the means to pay for initial in-patient treatment but the majority cannot afford or their insurance will not cover a sober house living level, subjecting their loved ones to old triggers long before coping skills are in place. Recovery Release for men in Westchester and New Hope Rising for woman on Long Island are two virtuous entities that are dedicated to the proven steps for maintaining sobriety in an era of a drug addiction epidemic.

Setlist :

Joseph Arthur played "Manhattan Island Serenade"

setlist by @nickirichards1

Recording :

Review :

Review By Jamie Kalikow

The Remembering Leon Russell benefit event at City Winery NYC – was packed with stellar players and great songs.

The huge cast of musicians and vocalists, led by Musical Director, Rich Pagano, included Marshall Crenshaw, Joseph Arthur, Scott Sharrard, Emily Duff, Laith Al-Saadi, Brian Mitchell, Ricky Byrd, Jeff Kazee, John Conte, Fred Walcott, Leslie Mendelson, Jim Boggia, Nicki Richards, Rich Pagano, Leslie Mendelson, Natalie Mishell and Southside Johnny Horns.

This was one of the few iconic Artist Tributes where the evenings guest artists didn’t feel they needed to chase the recordings. The night was filled with interpretations which is Rich Pagano’s preference when working with artists as a musical director.

A generous portion of proceeds to benefit “Release Recovery” – A Sober House for Men and & “New Hope Rising – A Sober House for Women.
This show was the first of what hopes to be an annual talent-packed benefit event.

Concert Poster :

2019-07-16 - One on One Session, City Winery, New York

On Stage :

Joseph Arthur & Jim Boggia sit down for a One On One Session at City Winery New York on July 16th, 2019.

Setlist :

Manhattan Island Serenade (Leon Russell cover)

Recording :