2010-08-26 - FOM - KCRW Radio, Santa Monica

all photos by Noah Abrams

On Stage :

First FOM radio session.

Fistful Of Mercy :
Joseph Arthur (vocals & guitar)
Ben Harper (vocals & guitar)
Dhani Harrison (vocals & guitar)

Setlist :

in vain or true
as i call you down
father's son
fistful of mercy
30 bones
restore me
things go 'round
with whom you belong

Recording :

2010-08-26 FOM KCRW

Review :

Joseph Arthur, Dhani Harrison and Ben Harper chose KCRW’s signature music show Morning Becomes Eclectic to debut their new project – Fistful of Mercy. The band performed an intimate, secret show for a small group of friends and family at the Village Studios earlier this week for broadcast on Morning Becomes Eclectic today. You can stream it live at 11:15am or check it out now on demand here: http://tinyurl.com/KCRWFistfulofMercy

Jason Bentley interviewed the trio between sets, delving into the formation of Fistful of Mercy, named after one of their own songs, and discovered it was conceived in the studio in just three days. The band joked about Arthur keeping them working until 5am but they all agreed the quick turnaround only enhanced their creativity and determination and allowed no time for egos to get in the way. According to Arthur, they never planned on the three-part harmonies, it just happened organically and “they all picked a note.”

The project is a true collaboration between three extremely talented musicians –and friends – which was highly evident in their live performance, as they joked around on stage in front of an audience that included Tom Morello, Michael Ostin, Rosanna Arquette, Lauren Graham, Paul Krauss, Sal Masakela and more.

After their marathon recording session, Harrison called legendary session drummer Jim Keltner into the studio to add his touch to the recording. The album – “As I Call You Down” –which will be out October 5 on the label founded by his dad, Hot Records.


LYRICS : I Am The Mississipi

Along the edge of the Mississippi
A thousand hearts bleed
My heart looking for something to execute
In the Mississippi
Up against this current
My heart so alive
Submerged in the airless dark
Who could hold me here?
Who could hold me down?
Sitting on the edge
Of the Mississippi
Rivers of slaves
Rivers of bones
I have been down her
Across generations
A lifetime ago I was sold amongst thieves
I don't ignore the cries
I hear them
I am conscious along the Mississippi
Hear the footsteps of ghosts
Hear them scream
Behind me
I see their boats sink
But I am very alive
She draws me to her breath
She whispers with her voice
Her comfort
All I want or need
Alone on a Saturday night
Me… and the Mississippi
Two rivers flowing together
Flowing eternal
A river of darkness
A river of light
Blend as one
Together against the impossible
Ends we face
Our lunatic charm
She can never claim me
Nor I her
We flow together eternal
We flow together as one
And I am the Mississippi 


LYRICS : Dirt And Flame

When I needed you to come
I watched you walk away
I blew the wind into yer face
But couldn't make you stay

The life you lived
Was far too short
You were still so young
A dreamer born into flesh
In the end you just begun

There's no joy
In nights this long
We destroy
The places we belong

Help to become dirt and flame
Help to become real
Help to notice the rivers edge
Washing what you feel
Help the servent
Help the snake
Help was inside you
Help by giving what you take
Flesh and blood so blue

There's no joy
In nights this long
We destroy
The places we come from

Now I've come and watched you go
Now you live in air
Air I breathe to move hard past
Avenue's despair
Now I sit with sideways eyes
The corpse it lies with in
The birds still fly past all goodbyes
As new love starts again

There's no joy
In nights this long
We destroy
The places we belong

There's no joy
In nights this long
We destroy
The places we come from