2017 Gigography

Here is the list of concerts by Joseph Arthur in 2017.

2017-01-01 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2017-02-01 One on One Session, Rebel Country, NYC
2017-02-02 The Delancey, New York, NY USA
2017-03-02 Lou Reed's 75th Birthday Celebration, Bowery Electric, New York, NY USA
2017-03-08 City Vineyard, New York, NY USA
2017-03-21 Gibson Guitar Showrooms, New York, NY, USA
2017-04-11 City Vineyard, New York, NY USA
2017-04-22 Live at Drew's, Ringwood, NJ USA
2017-05-12 FUV Bash 2017, New York ,NY USA
2017-05-23 Apollo Theater, Harlem, NY USA
2017-06-08 Irish Arts Center, New York, NY, USA
2017-06-20 Great Scott, Boston, MA USA
2017-06-21 Sellersville Theatre 1894, Sellersville, PA USA
2017-06-23 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2017-06-24 Jammin' Java, Vienna, VA USA
2017-06-26 Space, Evanston IL USA
2017-06-27 Turf Club, St Paul, MN USA
2017-06-29 Music Box, Cleveland OH USA
2017-07-01 The Ark, Ann Arbor, MI USA
2017-07-11 Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-07-12 Brick and Mortar Music Hall, San Francisco, CA USA
2017-07-14 Doug Fir Lounge, Portland, OR USA
2017-07-15 The Triple Door, Seattle, WA USA
2017-07-28 Radio WOMAD session, Malmesbury, UK
2017-07-28 WOMAD, Malmesbury UK
2017-07-29 The Borderline, London UK
2017-07-31 Humphrey's, San Diego, CA USA
2017-08-01 Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles, CA, USA
2017-08-03 Vina Robles Amphitheatre, Paso Robles, CA USA
2017-08-04 The Mountain Winery, Saratoga, CA USA
2017-08-05 Grand Theatre - Grand Sierra Resort, Reno, NV USA
2017-08-10 Revolution Event Center, Boise, ID USA
2017-08-11 Fox Theater, Spokane, WA USA 
2017-08-14 The Depot, Salt Lake City, UT USA
2017-08-17 Belly Up Aspen, Aspen, CO USA
2017-08-20 Pepsi Amphitheater at Fort Tuthill Park, Flagstaff, AZ USA
2017-09-13 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-09-20 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-09-27 The Hotel Café, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-10-14 Todos Santos Inn, BCS Mexico
2017-10-20 Lethal Amounts Gallery, Los Angeles, CA USA
2017-11-18 Live @ Drew's, Ringwood, NJ USA
2017-12-05 Cellar Sessions, City Winery, New York, NY USA

If you own an audio / video recording of an "unavailable" concert, thank you kindly send me an email to whenyoucryyoureyesarehollow@gmail.com

UPDATED 2018-04-15

What A Wonderful World

Joseph Arthur releases on January 2017 his version of the Louis Armstrong classic 'What A Wonderful World' as a single in support of First Lady Michelle Obama's A Place at the Table campaign.

The three-year national media campaign aims to inspire America and its leaders to make ending hunger in the U.S. a national priority. Backed by $300M of donated media exposure from major media partners - including broadcast, digital, out of home and print advertising - A Place at the Table kicks off its campaign with a new public service announcement featuring First Lady Michelle Obama with Arthur's version of the song played during the spot.

"Beyond proud to be asked to record this song for the Food is Fuel campaign PSA with Michelle Obama" - Joseph Arthur

The announcement features working Americans struggling with hunger and encourages viewers to fuel the potential of every child by demanding action from our nation's leaders to fix the problem. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this single will go to the Food Policy Action Education Fund.

POEMS : 2017


I used to be a snowman
But now I'm just some sludge
An addict to nightmare
Or a dream one might begrudge
I was raised by demons
And then formed with flakes of snow
Their patterns all embedded
In the body where I'd blow 
Thru memories of colder days
When I was free to be
A flake up in the sky
Or then landing on a tree
Until a bunch of children
Came to menace me
They put a carrot on my face 
With acorn eyes to see
They made sure I adored them
They said look how fast we run! 
Just as the heat was rising
From the mourning noon day sun
Well I used to be a snowman
But now I'm just some sludge 
In darkness grey lamp burning
With a hankering for fudge 
Yes I used to be a snowman
But now I'm just yer sludge 
An addict to a nightmare
Or a dreAm one might begrudge.



Do your best.

This is magical. 
But it's dark. 
It's dark magic. 
Wooden spark. 
This transformation
Out of chains
Out of drama
Out of claims
That you've traumatized
A ship you've set sail. 
Out of fraud of the psyche 
Or emotional blackmail. 
Out of others control. Or not feeling whole. 
The weapons they used for the time that they stole. 
This is dark magic. 
Magic because, 
I've become the super nova
I always thought I was. 
I've become the light I had, 
but couldn't yet see. 
With packs of bullies and thieves 
following me. 
It's dark cause 
they’re gunning for me now
The smear
And their puppets
Dirty deeds
holy cow. 
It's magic cause 
I don't have to 
subvert myself now
My voice is my own
Always was anyhow,
But now not deflated 
Not spun out afraid, 
The chords of their toxins
Cut by my shiny blade.



Life is fool of ups and downs 
Hood winked by the sad face clowns
And wrinkled when we go
Out with all the lunatics
Beat you down with stones and sticks
And words that hit below
The belt on highway atmosphere 
Looking out for goodly cheer
And friendships you can keep
Most will simply slide away
Your pride should take holiday
And let your anger sleep
We can give it all away
The things we fear will simply say
Look up in the sky
Love is in the atmosphere 
The space between us reaching near 
Let's look each other in the eye

Some of us are born with this 
A gift we should bestow 
She said that we should go with it 
She wanted you and me to know




The hidden circus
Monkey grave
You shock the monkey
I'll be your slave
Two hundred years
And fifty more
Most family line
Is need or more 
The hidden circus
Broken still
There is no help
Or magic pill 
Evil sometimes 
Has its way
It bites your ass
You're scarred in trade
But you have lived 
Tho the past is gone
They mean you harm
They smirk when they
See you on the street
Your a puppy child 
Or a piece of meat
Mirror mirror 
On the wall 
And the unknown ball
Eyes wide shut
Vagina strut
The long legs open 
Before they shut
Some cocks lift off
Some cocks fall
Some just move 
While others ball
Some go awol
And others shout 
some just wander
Around the barn and spout. 
I love you two times
See you know more
Belong to widows
And songs of yore 
I should have left you
A frozen tiger
Or diamond king
Hello gulag
The circus toe
The elephants mouse
from key largo
Are they above me
Or somehow below
I've lost myself 
In your off beat glow 
Are they getting back and in 
The circus breaking 
Deep down within
The trainer quaking 
The lion tame
She comes for you it's 
Her again
The hidden circus 
Lifting sin now
Touch the need 
Within our skin


2017-01-26 (2)

The Devil Takes The Hindmost

If it wasn't what it is
It wouldn't be what it was
I never wanted this
I whisper underneath the bus
As you ride away from here 
My mind will cry and fuss
But what is left to save
When you've killed good will and trust

I begged you to begin
To try and treat me fair
It must be some mistake
You must be unaware
But your pain it just kept coming
Bewildered in my fear
I called out for your hand
But you were nowhere near
Since then I've shaved my head
My name is smeared alone
I try to follow any thread
But it's dancing skin and bone
The skeletons at prey
The wolves call them their own
I'm locked inside and waiting
As they sniff around my home.

The Devil Takes The Hindmost 
We've all been orphaned here
The Echo Maze perplexing
The Last Dupe at the rear.



A Love Note From The Sixties. 

To go to sleep,
the dawn has come, 
The drugs 
are quicksand grind. 
Of course
you're unfulfilled, 
My friend, 
The residents Must rewind. 
For them, 
you're unforgiven,
burning noose,
An apartment 
up in flames,
The whole place
much too loose. 
Quicksand Armageddon,
The Herculeas 
of fright, 
Who could really scare you,
that sang to you goodnight? 
that packed your paper lunches? 
that testified to light? 
that fixed your broken shower, slinging mud with all their might?
You've humbled much like Michael. 
You've watched a tired land,
Regret it's self destruction,
With a gun in every hand. 
And the ones that couldn't find you. 
How hard did they look?
The alarms and cops are coming, 
Why are you dressed up like a crook? 
Who could say they know you, 
Always on the run?
How long to call on fear, 
Or make it look like having fun?
But facing truth is reckless. 
It's destruction all around,
If your life is built on lies,
And the structure is unsound. 
But look around the neighborhood, 
Most are running scarred,
on a mountain meditating,
A thousand junkies less impaired. 
And sleep the sacred ruler,
The only real thing in this mess,
It attempts to wake you up,
With it's innocent address. 
But you run like beasts on fire,
To your same deceitful ways,
A toy that's set on broken,
Or a zombie in a daze. 
Please don't think it's judgement, 
I'm less ideal than that. 
Who designed this madness?
A maze inside a rat?
And when you ask it to forgive you,
Just who's voice is that?
A killer or a preacher?
Or a stolen baseball bat? 
Shattering a window
On a building abandoned still,
A trashcan is on fire 🔥 
It's what's left of your free will. 
And this is life resolving
Itself into a box, 
With a love note from the sixties, a broken necklace and a cross.


COVERART : What A Wonderful World (Digital Single)


2017-11-18 - Drew's, Ringwood

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist : 

so soon you'll know (how does it feel to be free)
come back world
gods and runaways
biggest mistake
pale fire
gypsy faded
september baby
street car
honey and the moon
black lexus
out on a limb
redemption's son
dear lord
box of pain
electrical storm
temporary people
travel as equal
blue lights in the rear view mirror
you are the dark
a smile that explodes
in the sun

thank you to Denise for collecting this setlist

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event. 
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.


2017-10-20 - Lethal Amounts Gallery, Los Angeles

On Stage :

Maybe with Peter Buck, need confirmation

Setlist : 

No information, except JA played for the first time "I Am The Moment"

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event. 
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.

Poster :


INTERVIEW : 2017-08-15 MAGNET Feedback with Joseph Arthur

Each issue, we ask a different artist who we feel has good, insightful taste in music for their feedback on 10 or so songs we choose for them. It’s a generally straightforward, two-page feature that we feel people enjoy reading. We asked longtime MAGNET fave Joseph Arthur to do one for issue #143, and below is what he sent in. It’s a really good piece, but in order to make it fit into our print format, we had to do quite a bit of editing on it before we ran it. Needless to say, Mr. Arthur liked his original version better than our edited version, which ran on the site earlier today. (Check it out here.) So we told him we’d run this original piece online, as well as the very cool piece of art he supplied with it. Consider this The Joseph Arthur Director’s Cut. Enjoy.

Brian Eno’s tin foil hat or how I tried and failed to write a piece for Magnet by Joseph Arthur 

My manager said “hey I need that piece for Magnet by monday. ” we were having our Friday wrap up conversation, you know the one, where you are both looking at the weekend and so everything is a little lighter. Life doesn’t seem impossible at all. This was no Tuesday. It was Friday. But you have to be careful in Friday’s because that free and easy feeling can lead you to say yes to something you perhaps should say no too. In other words your ass may write a check that your dreams can’t cash? How does that phrase go? I’m pretty sure that’s not it and I’m gonna pretend it’s 1979 and so there’s no google. I’m gonna go with God on this one.
I said to my manager
In that overly confident and quick to get off the phone way. ” what is it ?”
“Oh I sent you the email”
“Oh cool ” I went on “Ill knock it out, as long as I don’t have to write a Shakespearean play I can’t imagine having a problem with what ever it is”
We were loose it was Friday
I quipped
” well actually even if it was a Shakespearean play I could probably do that” my Friday over confidence had gotten its grips on me to near pathology at that point. You know the feeling. Monday seems like a million years away. Almost like it will never be monday again.
Here’s what an outbreak of the disease looks like. You go into a kind of zone in which if anyone asks you to anything at that time which will be do monday you will without even understanding why just automatically say yes.
So sure you are that monday is practically years away. But here’s the thing. It’s not. It never is. So we set up an organization called OCFA
The only requirement is a desire to stop making proclamations on Friday afternoons about things you’ll need to deal with monday morning.

But I missed my meetings. I said yes to a monday obligation right in the zone of the Friday eternities
The Friday eternities are what we aim to be sober from. The Friday eternities are similar to what alcohol would be in AA. I e “the feeling that Friday will never ever end and if it does it will just be Saturday forever. And if god forbid that ended well then Sunday is just fine for eternity. But when monday does come and you come too with all the fog of your grand proclamations of achievement. The activity around your head like a cartoon mix up with keystone cops a mouse in a suit and a dandelion tree that two orphans are trying to light ablaze with a wet pack of Ohio blue tips.

It was monday morning the guilt shame and remorse for knowing I had relapsed with a bad case of the Friday eternities
And remembered the good natured and affable conversation with my manager and how I had boldly said yes to lengthy writing assignment sight unseen and it was do today!
The voices flooded in “why did you say yes!?”
The toxic shame like an expert archer on high peek taking aim to the center of my skull as I opened the email of what I had said yes too.

And here’s what came up

This piece will run online and in the actual print publication. Can you work on this, this week?

Here’s a sample of what they would like you to write about.. The intro should be about Redemption’s Son 15th. After that, it’s your thoughts on these 10 or 15 tracks:
(Note – Magnet picked all of these tracks)

Here’s 15. We only need 10, but we can run the rest online if he wants to do all of them. They are alphabetical, but he can do in any order he wants.

The Afghan Whigs “Gentleman”
The Band “The Weight”
The Black Keys “Tighten Up”
Blondie “Rapture”
Coldplay “Viva La Vida”
Bob Dylan “As Time Goes By”
Brian Eno “Needles In The Camel’s Eye”
Genesis “Back In N.Y.C.”
George Harrison “Isn’t It A Pity”
Diana Krall “Glad Rag Doll”
The National “Bloodbuzz Ohio”
Liz Phair “Never Said”
Lou Reed “Romeo Had Juliette”
The Rolling Stones “Rocks Off”
Suzanne Vega “Tom’s Diner”

Well at least I can do any order I want.
My palms got sweaty. My heart raced. A lifetime flashed before me. I got a case of the hiccups and peed my pants a little. I looked over the list
Oh no.. please don’t say it’s one of these things where I gotta say how much I like this or that. Oh no!

I mean I like The Weight as much as the next guy but how am I gonna come up with a paragraph on it?

My head started scrambling.
All I could think about is what it must have been like to hang with Martin Scorsese and Robby Robertson when they famously lived in a blacked out party house together where they were always gaked up. And how that’s when Marty made Raging Bull and shit like that. That I could try and write a paragraph about but how am I gonna say something about The Weight?
” I remember that time I sparked up a doobie and it was full moon and it was our summer of love and there was like all these butterflies in the parking lot and we had just dropped acid and it was coming on and we were out in your t windowed corvette. You had the radio on and the dj on the classic rock station we alway listened too said and now this one from Robbie Robertson and The Band. And then that song. That song that’s like everybody’s favorite song at one point or another. Transcends race. Transcends time. A great song has a spirit in it. This one is so identifiable. And profound that it almost feels wrong to speak on it. But it does make me want to take acid and drive around in a vette with tbird windows.

Normally I might call Greg in a time like this. He’s always got a good take on things. Funny and dark and then we just wind up talking about girls we are both in love with on Instagram. (True Hollywood confessions.
What would I write about Greg? I’ve said it all. We’ve laughed we’ve cried.
I remember Gentleman came out and I had it on cd and listened to it on my cd walk man. There were beneficial limitations back then. You know how sometimes you lock a certain memory with a certain album. That album always reminds me of a flight I took because I discovered on a flight and listened to it the whole trip. That was the good thing about not having endless options. Made you focus on one thing. I focused on Greg’s voice and lyrics. I was just starting to write songs at that point so I listened with intention all the time then. I was still forming my own musical identity. If I had to put my feeling about what Greg does in a quip designed for bathroom fodder. It would be this. He’s original. And he’s rock n roll. So. Nuff said.
Ps. Those two things are rarer than diamonds who are also a girls best friend. Plus he’s from Ohio. Which I notice quite a few folks in this list are
Suddenly in my writing assignment I feel like I’m going deep in. Like Magnet has me searching for my inner captain Kurtz “never get out of the boat. Absolutely god damn right! Never get out of the boat. Read this next part in Martin Sheens voice like apocalypse now. “Who put this list together, where did they get their intel. For years this Joseph Arthur was the model soldier of rock and then one day he wrote a song about how there was no song. was no rock. There was no man. There’s was no song. He just blew a gasket. He’s not coming back. I think he’s waiting for me deep in that jungle he’s waiting for me to come make sure there will never be another monday again. Or another case of the Friday eternities. ”

I could tell Magnet was leading me straight into my very own apocalypse now. In which I am both Kurtz and (side note what is the Martin Sheen characters name? Remember this is a period piece so google is not an option) anyway the Martin Sheen character. Side note to the side note. Which song on this list Magnet gave me would be Charlie sheens favorite? That’s a fun article. I could write an article on that.

Anyway I wanted to get out of the boat even tho the voices kept repeating. Never get out of the boat absolutely goddam right. Never get out of the boat.

I texted my manager
I was breaking out all over the place with a case of the PMDM’s

It went like this.
“Hey Keith happy monday. Gimme a shout on that magnet thing. It’s a real pain to write about songs. Can you imagine writing a paragraph about a Coldplay song? Or even about one you like? Think of the adage talking about music is like dancing about architecture. Don’t want to leave you out in the lurch and if you think it’s an important thing to do I will dig deep but doing it will be well… just imagine having to write a paragraph about the band song ‘the weight’ I mean.
Where do you even begin? I remember the first time I heard “the weight’ it was a real good song. The band are amazing. See what I mean? ”

He didn’t and still hasn’t responded. Cheap joke on Coldplay. I don’t actually feel that way. Everyone knows Chris can make melody his bitch in ways that are unique to him and let’s face it endlessly appealing. Besides no ones ever gonna be cooler than The Replacements anyway so who really cares?
It’s the kind of joke you make on a defeated monday
A day when the PMDMs are really getting the better of you. I guess the price of ubiquitous fame and fortune is that you become a punching bag for people in moments like these. I’d take that trade. Haha.
Coldplay should use this on their next ad campaign
“Coldplay! a band that’s easy to slag on a monday
But impossible not to fink are ace on a Friday! ”

Or Coldplay
the band most people hate on monday but oddly love the fuck out of on Saturday night.
Hell that should be the name of their next record. You’re welcome Chris.

My manager never got back to me so I decided to take a few bong hits and go skateboard. I ride my longboard along the promenade in brooklyn over looking the whole of manhattan. From Redhook to dumbo and back again. It’s like heaven in the spring. Always helps me get ideas. So I rip the bong a few times and then grab my phone and my board and my keys. I notice a news alert on my phone. There was a story about certain unnamed news agencies were getting paid laundered money from china to pay off some Russian ambassador who played pranks on the line Chief Justice and gold handed prophet son and sergeant of mexico. The piece went on to say mind control directives were placed in specifically three songs. (And here’s what got my attention). They were Tighten up by the black keys. Rupture by blondie) and isn’t it a pity by george Harrison. I felt a shiver run up my spine. Wait a minute!? What the hell is going on here?! I Dug out the songlist from magnet and just as I had thought. Those three songs were all on my list. I suddenly started connecting dots. Things weren’t what they seemed. Never get out of the boat. Absolutely goddam right. But that was a joke. I had been out of the boat for a long time. I’m not sure there was even a boat at all. For some reason I had the KISS song black diamond in my head. But not their own version. The version that’s on Let It Be by The Replacements. Neither of those bands were even on the list. Which yes I was free to alphabetize but I couldn’t just talk about anyband I want all Willie nilly. There had to be some measure of control in this piece. I looked long and hard at myself in that jungle when another Replacements Song came thru my mind. Unsatisfied. But they aren’t on your list so why won’t this song leave me be?
“Look me in the eye and tell me that I’m satisfied are you satisfied.” Or however it goes. What’s with Minneapolis and the best songwriters in history? Dylan and Westerberg
Dylan’s on the list but Westerbergs not hmm. Pieces are adding up. Things people said. Fragments I had forgotten about. I started picking up things in the street and putting together a cap made out of tin foil. But JUST then a song started blaring as if the tin foil hat had been a finely adjusted radio antenna to only one song and it was screaming now as if it was coming from manhattan itself. Like the buildings were all signing it to me all at once. And it was “needles in the camels eye.”
I love weird rock songs by English geniuses. And this is one of the best. Why is the city singing this one. He’s on the list. I guess it triggered something. Now the Empire State Building is swaying back and forth to the beat. I’m frazzled at this point the way a fighter is who is two rounds beat already but just won’t stay down.
I gotta get out of this.
Need to write my manager and tell him I just can’t think of a creative way to write this piece. “Tell them I said sorry Keith”
Still waiting for a response.

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2012-05-31 - Radio Radio, Indianapolis

On Stage :

This show was played with Russell Simins on drums and Kraig Jarret Johnson on guitar.

Setlist :

almost blue / your only job
a smile that explodes
black lexus
can't exist
lack a vision
invisible hands
cocaïne feet
in the sun
honey & the moon
travel as equals
i miss the zoo


2017-07-29 - The Borderline, London

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist :

secret ghost
favorite girl
you could be in jail
september baby
honey and the moon
redemption's son
travel as equals
i miss the zoo
i would rather hide
dear lord
you are the dark

thank you to Helen for collecting this setlist

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event.
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.

Poster :


2017-07-28 - WOMAD, Malmesbury UK

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist : 

No information

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event.
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.

Poster :


2017-07-14 - Doug Fir Lounge, Portland

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist : 

No information

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event.
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.

Poster :

poster designed by Matt Damm http://natdamm.com/


2017-07-11 - Teragram Ballroom, Los Angeles

On Stage :

Solo concert.
Allison Pierce and Ray Goren opened the show.

Setlist : 

No information

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event. 
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.

Review :

by Mark Ortega

Joseph Arthur revisits ‘Redemption’s Son’ at Teragram

“Where are you at right now?” I asked Joseph Arthur last Friday on the phone. Arthur couldn’t hold back his laughter, saying “that’s kind of a hugely mystical question,” before realizing I was asking where he physically actually was at the moment (Brooklyn).

The prolific 45-year-old singer-songwriter-painter-poet had a week off after a slew of shows on the East Coast. The shows were part of a tour celebrating the 15th anniversary of his Redemption’s Son album — which spun arguably his biggest hit “Honey and the Moon”. The tour included a show at the Teragram Ballroom in downtown LA on Tuesday.

We spoke on the phone for 40 minutes — a conversation more than it ever was an interview, which didn’t surprise me. I first met Joe smoking a cigarette outside of one of his shows in San Francisco in 2010. Within 10 minutes of chatting, he put me on the list for his show the next night at the same venue, self-deprecatingly noting, “It’s not like it’s sold out.” It’s the kind of humor that would become commonplace between his heart-tuggingly raw tunes at his shows.

“Honey and the Moon” was my first introduction to his music. I was one of the millions of teens that saw the premiere episode of teen drama The O.C. and that tune caught my attention enough that I went to my home computer later and looked it up by remembering the lyrics (there was no Shazaam at the time, kids).

At the Teragram on Tuesday, it was a sparse crowd that gathered (actress Rosanna Arquette was one of them). It’s not entirely unexpected given the venue and things like the Facebook event page for the show had incorrectly listed Joe playing the album ‘Redemption’s Song’ in full. I looked around and felt confident I was the only one in my twenties — and I’m holding on for dear life to those at 29. It’s been years since he’s had a crossover hit of that level, though his work has remained categorically cinematic. He’s collaborated with some of music’s finest — from Ben Harper to R.E.M. and Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament.

Arthur looked at revisiting Redemption’s Son as “an invitation to dig deeper,” he said. “It’s been interesting. The thing is, when you put out a ton of albums, you sort of zero in on certain songs on certain albums and you can kind of get lazy about really going in deeper and finding maybe the even better gems than the ones you were picking out. So it was interesting to review the album, I was really pleased with it because you put so much energy into these things and by the time they come out, it’s so heavy, the whole investment, it’s real hard to actually assess it and take it in.”

Arthur took the stage Tuesday night wearing a full bodysuit and Rival boxing shoes — at one point he played a song with his face obscured completely by the bodysuit mask. His interest in boxing is one of the things we spoke about. The passion was born out of a crazy idea he had involving becoming a boxer and fighting Mickey Rourke to benefit a charity for dogs (no, really). Though that idea hasn’t come to fruition, the singer has since been in the gym regularly training.

“Boxing is very artful and can have an element of improvisation to it,” Arthur said in explaining certain paralells he sees between the sport and being a musican. “I’m not an expert, this is just my interpretation as a passionate beginner. Carrying over the lessons I’m learning in that, which have been surprisingly really meaningful to me, then apply them to this [Redemption’s Son] project.”

Arthur is not the only musician to find boxing fascinating. The equally prolific Mark Kozelek (Red House Painters, Sun Kil Moon) is a die-hard fan who has even named songs after fighters and incorporated it into his songwriting. When insomnia took over her life prior to writing her last album, Jenny Lewis stayed up all night watching boxing and became a fan, attending a number of fights.

The show at the Teragram was textbook Joseph Arthur — alone with his guitar and pedals, two microphones, and a case with a microphone running to it acting as his drum. He played the full record, but not in the order it appears on the tracklist — perhaps a nod to the need for improvisation.

There was a poignant moment when he performed “Dear Lord”, a song having to do with lacking faith. “With this world gone to hell/And my freedom locked away in jail/Lord it’s become so hard to tell/If you’re there at all” — surely something many people can relate to in the current climate.

Redemption’s Son is full of spiritual songs — but Arthur also delves deep into heartbreak, a specialty of his for sure. “September Baby” is one of the best deep cuts from his insanely deep catalog. “Summertime is over, I don’t owe you nothing/When you say you’re leaving, I want you to hold on,” he sang to the crowd with more passion and angst than on the studio recording, prompting a crowd clap-along that took the singer off guard.

With Joseph Arthur, you never know where his artistic mind will lead him next. The brief Redemption’s Son tour wraps up this weekend. He’s been working in the studio on a new project and is also looking forward to getting back in the boxing gym more regularly.

It may not have been a packed house, but it was awesome to see one of my favorite musicians revisit one of the key works of his career before he quickly moves onto the next thing.

Photos :

by Tim Aarons


ECHOMAZE, Joe Smoke's blog about recovering from emotional abuse and becoming a boxer

Echomaze is a blog written by Joseph Arthur.

The blog started on May 21, 2017, and ended in September 2017, when Joseph erased all of his writings.

The content is very personal, and written under the influence of JA slump at this time.

This is a wonderful document about Joseph's transitional period. Time will tell if this has been beneficial for him or not.


2017-07-01 - The Ark, Ann Arbor

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist :

Favorite Girl
You Could be in Jail
September Baby
You've Been Loved
Redemption's Son
I Would Rather Hide
Honey and the Moon
Buy a Bag
Termite Song
Nation of Slaves
Blue Lips
You are the Dark
Secret Ghost
Dear Lord
I miss the Zoo
Black Lexus
Temporary People
Travel as Equals

thank you to Denise for collecting this setlist

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event.
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.


2017-06-29 - Music Box, Cleveland

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist : 

No Information

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event.
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.

Poster :


2017-06-27 - Turf Club, St Paul

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist : 

Favorite girl
I would rather hide
You could be in jail
Redemptions son
September baby
Dear lord 
Termite song
Nation of slaves
Buy a bag
Honey and the moon
Innocent world
In the night
You've been loved
You are the dark

thank you to LOV2ROK2PJ for collecting this setlist

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event. 
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2017-06-26 - SPACE , Evanston

On Stage :

Solo concert, for the Redemption's Son 15th Anniversary

Setlist : 

secret ghost
you could be in jail
termite song
favorite girl
redemption's son
i would rather hide
you've been loved
september baby
innocent world
nation of slaves
honey and the moon
in the night
blue lips
buy a bag
you are the dark
dear lord
downtown (2nd time)

thank you to Denise for collecting this setlist

Recording :

Sadly, there's no audio recording of this event.
If I am wrong, thank you to inform me by email.


LYRICS : Pictures Of A Life

Lyrics transcribed by the one & only Helen @junkyard_h :)

Walk down the street
Along the harbor
She's next to me holding
A rose I bought her
And I
See everything

This is the life
This is the life
I'm glad I met you
Glad I met you

I have a friend but he's
More like my brother
We always laugh whenever
We are together
Oh I
I can't explain

This is the life
This is the life
Glad I met you
Glad to know you
Glad I met you

LYRICS : Secret Ghost

Lyrics transcribed by the one & only Helen @junkyard_h :)

What if dreams were held for ransom
By an angel flying over you
Would you pay for a chance to have one
Even if it meant you'd be untrue

To be held by the ocean
From what you fear
You're a secret ghost
You're a clouded notion
In my atmosphere

What if you were always running
And always coming back to where you've been
Would you stop and change direction
Even if it took you to the end

To be held by the ocean
From what you fear
You're a secret ghost
You're a clouded notion
In my atmosphere

(find a way home / find a way)

In the night why aren't you sleeping
Why are you afraid to close your eyes
No one's here, to whom are you speaking
Who do you expect will sympathize

To be held by the ocean
From what you fear
You're a secret ghost
You're a clouded notion
In my atmosphere

To be held by the ocean
From what you fear
You're a secret ghost
You're a clouded notion
In my atmosphere

LYRICS : Downtown (Losing My Way)

Lyrics transcribed by the one & only Helen @junkyard_h :)

Do you even know what you'd see
Over the walls of your misery
Behind them
A world keeps passing you by

Do you even know who you are
If you could see underneath your scars
You act like a vacuum turned to the sky
Inhaling any dirt that floats by

And I feel like I'm losing my way
Downtown every night looking for my fire
Yeah I feel like I'm losing my way
I'm older

In my dream you asked me why
Love should be blind opening your eyes
It was a nightmare
Like a neon sign in the sky

I woke up from that tragedy
Only to find you next to me still sleeping
Like all the secrets inside
I'm keeping next to my alibi

And I feel like I'm losing my way
Downtown every night looking for my fire
Yeah I feel like I'm losing my way
I'm older

Angel every day (and the devil every day/night)
Oh Lord

(You know that) I feel like I'm losing my way
Downtown every night looking for my fire
Yeah I feel like I'm losing my way
I'm older

I feel like I'm losing my way
Downtown every night looking for my fire
Yeah I feel like I'm losing my way
I'm older


LYRICS : Cracking Heart

Lyrics transcribed by the one & only Helen @junkyard_h :)

I must have 
A cracking heart
'Cause I feel closest to you
When we are apart
I want to love you
But I am afraid to start

There's a sad song
On the radio
We both listen
Like it was us it was written for
A streetlight through your window
It puts our shadows on your wall

I am empty pass me by (3x)
I am empty pass me

I can feel you
Thinking about me
It should be so simple
But that's the hardest thing to believe
'Cause when you touch me
Something won't let me be free

I am empty pass me
I am empty pass me by (3x)

PRESS KIT : Redemption Son - Morning Star

Joseph Arthur has announced that he will be celebrating the 15th anniversary of his "Redemption’s Son" album with a deluxe expanded reissue and a special tour.

The 15th anniversary edition of "Redemption’s Son" is set to be released on June 23rd as a new double disc collection and will feature the original album on one disc, with a second disc that will include nine previously unreleased bonus tracks.

It will be offered in a variety of formats including a double LP edition on 180-gram vinyl (the first time the album is being released in this format), a double CD and a digital release.

Arthur considers the second disc a "lost album" and has entitled it "Morning Star." He explains, “We decided to turn these tracks into their own album called 'Morning Star' rather than a collection of this that and the other thing. It's a great feeling when the past burps up a gift. Things forgotten and submerged by the vortex of time which reveals its illusions thru a process such as this.

"First listens of old things are a lot like taking the wrapping paper off a gift. That excited smile comes over you (hopefully) and it's kinda wonderful. But soon you get transported back to the time these things were new and then they become fresh elements to work with. No more a gift but a responsibility. Like if you got a dog for Christmas. What they say about a work of art being never finished but abandoned is accurate. And I learned here that you can essentially un-abandon them. We took these old things and we set out to make something current.”

Joseph will be celebrating the release with a special tour this spring where he plans to play the album in full. “I’ve never done this album from start to finish live. But Redemption’s Son was always a special record to me and my fans and this clearly seemed like the right time to do it. As I’ve been saying recently to my friends, listening to this album again after all of these years has re-inspired me which honestly was a complete surprise.”

The Redemption’s Son 15th Anniversary Tour is scheduled to begin on June 20th in Boston at Great Scott and will be wrapping up on July 15th in Seattle WA at The Triple Door.

Anniversary Tour Dates:
6/20 - Boston MA - Great Scott
6/21 - Sellersville, PA – Sellersville Theatre 1894
6/23 - New York NY - City Winery
6/24 - Vienna VA - Jammin' Java
6/26 - Evanston IL - SPACE
6/27 - St Paul, MN– Turf Club
6/29 - Cleveland OH – Music Box
7/1 - Ann Arbor, MI – The Ark
7/11 - Los Angeles CA - Teragram Ballroom
7/12 - San Francisco CA – Brick and Mortar Music Hall
7/14 - Portland OR - Doug Fir Lounge
7/15 - Seattle WA - The Triple Door

Redemption’s Son – 15th Anniversary Track Listing

Redemption’s Son
Honey And The Moon
You Could Be In Jail
I Would Rather Hide
Innocent World
September Baby
Nation Of Slaves
Buy A Bag
Termite Song
Favorite Girl
You Are The Dark
In The Night
Blue Lips
You've Been Loved

Morning Star (Previously Unreleased Tracks)

Pictures Of A Life
Forgive Your Heart
Afraid To Feel
Cracking Heart
Secret Ghost
Cinderella Under Glass
Morning Star

INTERVIEW : 2017-06-23 Joseph Arthur Remembers ‘Redemption’s Son’ on Its 15th Anniversary (by Michael Christopher)

by Michael Christopher June 23, 2017

Much like the career of multi-talented singer/songwriter Joseph Arthur himself, his 2002 album Redemption’s Son, went down several winding roads before people caught on to its brilliance. Stuck in major label limbo after being discovered by Peter Gabriel and delivering the landmark LP Come to Where I’m From in 2000, he was a critical favorite who suddenly had no one to distribute his material.

Redemption’s Son first came out overseas in May of 2002 and finally a deal was worked for its release late that November in the States. Since then, Arthur has been prolific to say the least, with a staggering 14 albums and 11 official EPs under his belt. He’s also been involved with several high profile side projects including contributing to Afghan Whigs frontman Greg Dulli’s collective known as the Twilight Singers.

Today (June 23), the 15th anniversary edition of Redemption’s Son will be released on 180-gram double LP, double CD, and digitally. There are also nine previously unreleased songs which form a “lost album” which Arthur has named Morning Star. He’s currently on tour playing the record in full, with a show tonight in his adopted hometown of New York City, where last month he opened for the Afghan Whigs much-anticipated show at the legendary Apollo Theater. It was during that gig when Arthur plucked a girl decked out in a gold lamé from the audience while the Whigs were on the final song of their encore – and almost derailed the entire show at the same time.

Catching up with Arthur, he talked about that incident, the history of Redemption’s Son, the death of Chris Cornell and – perhaps the most important topic of all – what’s going on with his hair.

What was it like playing the Apollo?

That was my second time. I actually headlined and sold out the Apollo with my band Fistful of Mercy with Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison. The Apollo is, like, golden in my mind – I got to have a golden moment at it, you know? So it’s funny when that door got reopened. I’ve been friends with Greg [Dulli] for many years and he calls me up and says, “I’ve got a curveball for you,” and I’m like, “Uh-oh.” He says, “No, it’s a good curveball.” [laughs] He says, “Do you want to open for the Whigs tomorrow at the Apollo?” and I was like, I had 24 hours to prepare, but it was fun – I had a great night that night.

You looked like you were having a blast – especially during “Faded,” you were dancing like a madcap, pulled that girl up on stage…

Yeah, I almost blew it in the Whigs set [laughs], like when I pulled that girl up onstage. I was watching her dance, and I was like, “She needs to be up onstage.” When she first went to Greg’s – she went right for worship mode and I was like, “Oh no! Am I gonna have to bounce this girl off right now?” But then she killed it. It was awesome the way she did it – it was almost like we planned it, but it was not planned. And then I almost tripped over the guitar rig and stopped the gig which would’ve probably promptly ended my friendship with Greg [laughs]. But sometimes you gotta risk it all for magic – you know?

I think I was most struck by your shaved head – when did you do that?

I’ve been doing that off and on since, I mean, well my first album [1997’s Big City Secrets] is me with a shaved head on the cover. So I came out the gate with this as my look [laughs]. Then I became a hippie in front of everybody. It’s just one of those things; my hair tends to go “classic-rocker-bad-haircut” look, so I just shave it every now and again. It started to grow back in, and I didn’t know I was gonna open for the Afghan Whigs or I probably wouldn’t have done it, but I had just shaved it with, like, a beard trimmer two days before – because I didn’t expect to be out in public for a while. It wasn’t on purpose and I couldn’t “fast grow” hair” [laughs]. I want to do a cute David Bowie cut, like a mullet but spiky on top.

So Redemption’s Son. The record has quite the storied history. Do you think that’s part of the reason why it’s one of the fans’ favorite albums, because there was this period of difficulty in getting it out? Like, it’s available only in the U.K., there there’s cover changes, the track listing changes, then it’s out here.

Man…that was such a weird period. It was sort of when my relationship with Real World Records fell apart, which is thankfully totally back together. I was kind of having this moment of being the critic’s darling at that time. But [the music industry at the time] was so numbers-based and you’re dealing with major labels and I had all that critical acclaim but I sold like 20,000 records – like nothing at the time. Politics being what they were, I was in a state of being dropped by Virgin, but I was not dropped at the same time – it gets confusing, but I was trapped and in a holding pattern for a couple years there. And it was right when I shouldn’t have been – I was really, really going for it.

And now the Morning Star songs are all out.

Dude, it’s so gratifying, and instead of being like, “Oh, why didn’t this happen then?” It’s more like, it’s all now – it doesn’t really matter. And I’m more excited to play these songs than I typically am to play a new album. I love the album.

Looking back, what do you see in the Joseph Arthur of 15 years ago? Is there anything that makes you cringe, or parts that are like, “Yeah, good on that dude,” what do you see in yourself?

That’s a good question. I think I was writing really good songs and it’s just so funny to be investigating them and remembering where my head was and what I was doing and why I was deciding certain things. Then you realize, “Oh my god, there’s so many different ways I could’ve chosen to evolve.” It’s hard to explain, but this feels like a very forward-thinking time for me and yet completely appropriate to be reapproaching this album in particular. There’s no songs on it that make me fully cringe; there’s a couple where I’m like, “Really? You put that on the record and not that? Are you insane?” But at the time, you’re thinking in terms, like, that throws in a different flavor. What’s great is you can reinterpret things and fix things. I’m into that.

When you revisit something like Redemption’s Son in concert, do you have to tap into the same emotions you had at the time…

Oh that’s easy. Good songs are just like good outfits; you put them on and the dude of the day is wearing the clothes. A nice outfit, you’re gonna feel good any day even if it’s 10 years, “Oh – this old suit still fits!” you know? “And it looks good too!” [laughs].

Some of these songs you haven’t played live, so are you struggling with relearning any of them?
The struggling with me learning looks like this: procrastinating in beginning to learn [laughs]. So “yes” is the answer – it just means I haven’t attempted it yet. I know I’ll find a way into each of these Redemption’s Son songs.

Shifting to a more somber topic, you developed somewhat of a friendship with Chris Cornell in recent years and published a moving post on Facebook after his passing. How hard is his death on you?

[Let’s out a big sigh] There’s no way to quantify that. Ugh. Death is so shocking and beyond…it’s hard to talk about it. I didn’t know him that well – I described my level of friendship; it was a few times we hung out and it was nice. He is a sweetheart of a person, a really beautiful soul. He gave us a lot and he’s a legend, an amazing artist and just a beautiful guy. There’s not gonna be another one like that dude ever, ever, ever – that’s a one of a kind human.



INTERVIEW : 2017-06-22 ‘Redemption’s Son’ on its reissue tour (by Andy Gray)

For someone who always seems to be moving forward, Joseph Arthur is enjoying taking some time to look back.

The prolific singer, songwriter and painter has released 14 album and 11 EPs under his own name as well as collaborating with others (Ben Harper and Dhani Harrison in Fistful of Mercy; Pearl Jam’s Jeff Ament and drummer Richard Stuverud in RNDM).

On the current tour that comes to Cleveland’s Music Box Supper Club next week, he’s focusing on his 2002 album, “Redemption’s Son.” A 15th anniversary edition will be released on Friday that includes nine previously released bonus tracks recorded in the same sessions.

“I thought about this yesterday, maybe there is a window, a 15-year window to be able to tour an album properly,” the Akron native said during a telephone interview last week. “By the time the record comes out, it’s already old. It’s not where you are artistically, and you’re extra vulnerable about it because it’s your new thing. The self-doubt demons kick in at high gear.”

Those issues weren’t a problem when Arthur revisited the album and the other material to prepare the reissue.

“What’s interesting is I’m able to listen to ‘Redemption’s Son’ now like I’m listening to the new Kendrick Lamar album, like a new artist almost,” he said. “Not that I don’t still relate to the songs, but there’s a healthy amount of distance now where I actually can see it and hear it and play it and get excited about it.

“The album has so much resonance in my life currently … It feels super current to me and not a look back, although I obviously am.”

The original plan was to include only three or four bonus tracks on the second disc and pair them with acoustic versions some “Redemption’s Son” songs, which Arthur recorded. But he believes the bonus tracks are better not sharing space with the new acoustic recordings. He views the bonus disc as a stand-alone album titled “Morning Star.”

“Honestly, when the bonus tracks first came to me, the nine tracks on ‘Morning Star,’ I thought, ‘How did this not make the record?’ ‘Downtown” should have made the record, ‘Pictures of a Life.’ They’re definitely as good as anything on the record, in some cases better. How did I pick ‘Buy a Bag’ over some of these other ones?”

But when he goes back and listens to “Redemption’s Son,” he has no regrets.

“There’s not a thing that drags on … It feels like there is just a flow to it.”

Arthur, who lives in Brooklyn, regularly performs at The Tangier in Akron the night before Thanksgiving, but that often is his only northeast Ohio appearance of the year. He said he still loves his hometown but he wanted to play somewhere else on this tour.

“It’s about time for that, to be more into Cleveland and open it up a little more, broaden the horizons.”