Lost Songs

last update : 2018-12-27

From the most recent to the oldest, here are all the "lost songs" Joseph sows on his official website, on social media or at concerts.

And sometimes, they find their way by appearing on studio albums.

Without Hesitation
Rock Love
Walking in Kosovo 
Midnight Dirt 
People Were Dying 
Outside Your Window 

You can find the lyrics of some of these songs and informations at lonelyastronauts.com

Some songs are missing :

"Outside Your Window" is a very rare song that appears to be exclusive to the Songs For the New Album CD. This song has yet to find its way onto traders lists and is therefore practically unavailable.

"People Were Dying" was performed at Hoboken on 15 July 2004. No recording known to exist.

"Midnight Dirt" is a song mentionned by JA on a 2008 video interview for mog.com. He played a little bit of it and showed the lyrics but there's still no known recording.

"Popcorn" is a spoken song that Joseph made up and played live for the first time at the Stronghold, Venice, CA on 2 April 2010.

"Walking In Kosovo" is a song played live with Kraig Jarret Johnson, Scott McCaughey (keys) & Linda Pitmon in Mexico on January 2013.

"I Won't Call" is a unreleased song from the 2nd RNDM Record. Richard Stuverud was hoping it would have been included on the release. "Someday the light will shine on it."

"Rock Love" is a song created the day of the Woodstock Session (2016-07-30).

"Gaslitkid", "Pigeons", "Stop", "Miracle Ride" and "Shake It Off" are songs created with Paul Cantelon on July 2017 for the Project Torture Chamber VJJ. Some snippets of these songs were posted on the JA's Instagram.

On 27 August 2018, Joseph posted on Instagram a picture of the tracklist for a new record called "Fantasy Road". Some snippets were posted on Instagram since July 2018.

"Where Did You Go?", "Fall In Love With Me" & "Don't Try to Understand It" are some of the (six?) songs written by Arthur Buck during rehearsals in May 2018 for the Arthur Buck US Tour.

"Dreamcatcher" was played during a podcast recording for FilmWax Radio, on 2018-12-22.