LYRICS : So Far Away

Looking from my window 
There's a graveyard in my view
Fresh flowers on a tombstone
Is the way I feel for you
I miss you
And I wish you were near
Lord, you're so far away
Oh no it's just another day

Black birds flying from the trees 
Disappear into the sky
I wish that I could join them
But I've forgotten how to fly without you
And I wish you were near
You're so far away
Oh Lord it's just another day

I've got to stay inside my mind
I've got to stay inside my mind
Or I will lose you
For a second time
You're so far away

Scattered around my room
Is the junkyard of our life
Things I forgot to throw away
Ganging up now to twist the knife
When I need you
And I wish you were near
Oh you're so far away
Oh no it's just another day


BAG IS HOT (2008-2013)

"Bag is Hot" was a blog written by Joseph Arthur, where he regularly posts photos, paintings, poems and ... songs.

In 2010, he posted a text (poem?) to explains what represent these songs for him.

From 2008 to today, there were 25 songs posted on this blog.

Since then, we heard the "final version" of certain titles, such as "Call" on TGC, "Still Life Honey Rose" on the Boogie, "Cherries in the Snow" with RNDM ..

Ps. Songs I post here are wayward children

Homeless creatures
Idiots who still believe in love
Born agains who don’t believe
Masters who would rather be puppets
Mixed wrong
Usually people refer to songs like these as demos
I would never do such a thing
For they are demoing nothing
But their own failure to reach the heart of god
What they do show is an attempt
And in that attempt they are human
And in their humaness they are great
And so they are my favorites
But they belong in the junkyard
With the rest of us

In other words
I am working on a couple records
And songs I post here won’t be on those records
Or at least in these versions
Or probably not but maybe but doubtful.
The creative process is like dancing with the wind
It leads we follow
Done properly. We follow. I follow. You follow?

Sorry for saying you are in a junkyard
Maybe you live in a palace.
I think earth is a work place
a junkyard of souls working towards a higher more graceful state
So that’s how I meant it.
Have a great day
And do some push ups.

Songs posted on "Bag Is Hot" :

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2013-05-31 Dreams Will Follow Us

Recordings :

BAG IS HOT 2008-2013 (mp3)

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