2009 Gigography

2009-01-15 Radio Canada, Montreal Canada
2009-01-15 Club Soda, Montreal Canada
2009-01-16 Le Theatre Granada, Sherbrooke Canada
2009-01-17 Imperial, Quebec City Canada
2009-01-27 Rolling Stone, New York, NY USA
2009-01-30 The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY USA
2009-01-31 The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY USA
2009-03-03 Aeronef, Lille France
2009-03-04 La Laiterie, Strasbourg France
2009-03-05 L'Autre Canal, Nancy France
2009-03-06 Noumatrouff, Mulhouse France
2009-03-07 L'Atelier, Cluses France
2009-03-10 FNAC Instore, Dijon France
2009-03-10 La Vapeur, Dijon France
2009-03-11 FNAC Instore, Lyon France
2009-03-11 L'Epicerie Moderne, Feyzin France
2009-03-12 FNAC Instore, Toulon France
2009-03-12 Omega Live, Toulon France
2009-03-13 Le Rockstore, Montpellier France
2009-03-14 Le Bikini, Ramonville France
2009-03-16 Espace Tatry, Bordeaux France
2009-03-17 Cooperative de Mai, Clermont-Ferrand France
2009-03-18 6 par 4, Laval France
2009-03-19 L'Astrolabe, Orleans France
2009-03-21 Dialogues Musiques Instore, Brest France
2009-03-21 Espace Vauban, Brest France
2009-03-23 Cabaret Electric, Le Havre France
2009-03-24 EXO7, Rouen France
2009-03-25 France Culture Radio, Paris France
2009-03-27 EMB, Sannois France
2009-03-28 Europe 1 Radio, Paris France
2009-03-28 Le Plan, Ris Orangis France
2009-03-29 File 7, Magny le Hongre France
2009-06-06 Finnegans Shamrock, Minneapolis, MN USA
2009-06-16 Trinity St. Paul's Church, Toronto Canada
2009-06-17 Le Mouton Noir, Val-David Canada
2009-06-17 Le Mouton Noir, Val-David Canada
2009-06-18 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2009-07-17 Festival des Vieilles Charrues, Carhaix France
2009-07-19 Thekla, Bristol UK
2009-07-20 Brudenell Social Club, Leeds UK
2009-07-21 The Deaf Institute, Manchester UK
2009-07-22 The Bodega, Nottingham UK
2009-07-23 Bush Hall, London UK
2009-07-24 Festival Cabaret Frappe, Grenoble France
2009-07-25 Festival Fnac Indetendances, Paris France
2009-08-08 Festival des Musiques Actuelles, Alma Canada
2009-08-28 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2009-09-04 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2009-09-12 Live@Drew's, Ringwood, NJ USA
2009-09-20 Arts YOUniverse, Wilkes-Barre, PA USA
2009-09-25 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2009-09-26 Concerts in the Studio, Freehold, NJ USA
2009-10-08 Olympic, Nantes France
2009-10-09 Le Chabada, Angers France
2009-10-10 La Nef, Angouleme France
2009-10-11 Adjololo, Freigne France
2009-10-14 La Luciole, Alençon France
2009-10-15 Café de la Danse, Paris France
2009-10-16 Café de la Danse, Paris France
2009-10-16 Le Cargo, Paris France
2009-10-17 4AD Club, Diksmuide Belgium
2009-10-18 AB, Brussels Belgium
2009-10-21 Alhambra, Geneva Switzerland
2009-10-22 El Lokal, Zurich Switzerland
2009-10-24 Le Poste a Galene, Marseille France
2009-11-06 City Winery, New York, NY USA
2009-11-26 Gallery 360, Toronto Canada
2009-11-27 Old Town School , Chicago, IL USA
2009-11-28 Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, MN USA
2009-11-28 Bryant Lake Bowl, Minneapolis, MN USA
2009-12-30 Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia, PA USA

CONCERT POSTER : 2009-10 French Solo Tour

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REVIEW : Temporary People - PopMatters


26 January 2009

Note : 7 of 10 stars

Show a Little Faith in Me

What an absolute pleasure it is to write this review. For the longest time, it felt as if once-notable folk-rock troubadour Joseph Arthur had lost not just his muse, but his mind. Ever since forming his Lonely Astronaut record label/backing band, Arthur seemed content just releasing anemic rock jams for the rest of his life, something that came to harsh light in 2008, when Arthur released one terrible EP after another after another. All the EPs were released as a run-up to Temporary People, Arthur’s first full-length since 2007’s insufferable Let’s Just Be. Needless to say, the cards were not stacked in Arthur’s favor.

So imagine the surprise to be had when you pop in Arthur’s new disc, Temporary People, for the first time. No, it doesn’t reach the previous heights reached by 2002’sRedemption’s Son, but to say that this is Arthur’s best release in years would be something of an understatement. Gone are the drum-machine dance-rock experiments, the late-night Lonely Astronaut meandering jam sessions, and the distorted-to-the-point-of-being-indecipherable vocals. By flushing out all of his half-hearted obsessions with his quadrilogy of ‘08 EPs, it seems that the only option Arthur left himself was to record nothing but solid, sturdy, memorable songs—and what a blessing it is.

“Temporary People” opens the set, sounding like the most focused song Anton Newcombe never wrote, replete with “la la” backing vocals and Arthur’s paranoia-in-isolation lyrical stance. The Lonely Astronauts, before just a collection of ho-hum jam buddies, burst into the scene this time out, giving the title track a fully-bodied feel that strengthens over the course of five minutes, climaxing with Arthur’s wild-yet-focused guitar solos and a prevailing sense of, well, fun…something Arthur hasn’t exhibited in his songwriting for some time.

Arthur’s newfound infectious love of songwriting carries through on several of Temporary People‘s best tracks, like the positively propulsive rocker “Dead Savior”, a song that uses its slide-guitar and male vocal harmonies to almost become a barn-burning country rocker. But it never quite reaches that point, largely due to Arthur’s delightfully sarcastic delivery. Some songs drip with irony while others turn out to be a bit more heart-felt, such as the fantastic “Heart’s A Soldier”, which one-ups the Killers’ “I got soul / But I’m not a soldier” singalong by bringing in even more people to chant an ode for Arthur and Arthur alone: “It’s a real tough life when you’re searching for ecstasy / so go on / show a little faith in me”. It feels as if, for the first time in a long time, Arthur has stopped writing songs just because he can. He’s writing them because he actually has something to say.

Yet a few things keep Temporary People from being a late-period masterpiece for Arthur. First of all, though this disc is free of a single outright terrible moment, some of the good-to-average songs sound weaker when placed in the middle of this album, getting lost in a mid-tempo slush that lessens their impact. “Turn You On” is a fine, almost Dylan-esque rocker by itself. It just feels a lot less special coming off the heels of both “Heart’s a Soldier” and the jazzy “Dream Is Longer Than the Night”. This problem of sequencing also weakens closing track “Good Friend”. It’s a fine lament on its own, but a remarkably uninteresting way to close the album. Though some tracks will be memorable on their own and in the context of the album (the rousing “Look Into the Sky”), others, like the fairly bland “Drive”, just get lost in the shuffle.

At the end of the day, however, there is truly much to celebrate with Temporary People. It is Arthur’s best, most enjoyable work in years, and a very good sign for what’s to come. It may not be Arthur’s masterpiece, but it leaves you thinking that perhaps, just perhaps, his defining statement might be just around the corner.

REVIEW : Temporary People - Patrolmag.com

by TIM ZILA on JANUARY 16, 2009

THE UNFORTUNATE result of releasing new music every month is that sometimes, when the real record comes around, the world is too used to your presence to notice it. The prolific Joseph Arthur’s Temporary People hit last September and has yet to be reviewed by Pitchfork, Pop Matters, Entertainment Weekly, Blender, Paste, orRolling Stone. (The lone dissenter: a one-paragraph Spin review.). And just to clarify, Arthur’s not an unknown artist. He gets reviews—good ones—from the likes of Pitchfork and Paste. But the curse of Arthur’s prolificness is that it downplays his sometimes quality, sometimes inventive output.

That’s a shame for Temporary People, Arthur’s most diverse, gratifying album yet. Starting with the title track, which plops well timed piano chords and electric guitar riffs atop an acoustic structure that carefully avoids mimicking “Slow Me Down” (from this year’s Vagabond Skies EP), the album sees Arthur balancing his penchant for country, pop, gospel, and more experimental fare. Unlike last year’s trainwreck effortLet’s Just Be (which might be code for “lets record a bunch of mostly bad songs and just let them be”), it’s concise and controlled. As time has shown, Arthur achieves his best results when he reigns in he and his band’s more indulgent tendencies.

On “Heart’s a Soldier”, Arthur enlists a choir of background singers and puts on his deepest gospel voice for the first chorus (“Go on, go on/Show a little faith in me”) and the even better second chorus (“It’s a real tough life when you’re searching for ecstasy.”) I can’t be entirely sure whether he’s talking about the abstract noun or the illicit substance, but my money’s with the drug. “Turn You On” exercises Arthur’s falsetto on the album’s most believable lyric (“You say/I don’t turn you on/Until/It’s time for me to go”) and adds a wandering organ line.

Not everything works perfectly (see the sitar on the otherwise classic-rocky “Faith”) but almost none of it—and this is a big plus for Arthur—is blatantly out of place. The most malignant track is “A Dream is Longer than a Night,” where Arthur puts on his best Yorke imitation and waxes Radiohead; the track fails to do anything more than stick out awkwardly. Thankfully it’s only two and a half minutes long.

Most everything else on Temporary People speaks to a much-needed Arthur rejuvenation. He’s still the same quasi-Christian spiritualist, spinning tales of drug addiction and ever-lingering hope that’s always just a bit out of reach. He condenses and channels his best qualities here, just don’t be surprised if it takes a handful of EP’s and another album before it happens again. If there’s one thing we should have learned about Arthur by now, it’s that he is by turns indulgent and restrained, sloppy—but meticulous and inspired when he decides to be.


2009-12-30 - Johnny Brenda's, Philadelphia

On Stage :

Solo concert

Birdie Busch & the Greatest Night opened the show

Setlist :
can't let you stay
all the old heroes
watch our shadows run
could we survive
redemption's son
birthday card
too much to hide
honey and the moon
black lexus

Recording :