POEMS : 2016


Happy new year
One and all
Forgive yourself
Each other's fall
Bloom from madness
Bloom from grace
Hiccup love
From outer space 
Ride on mercy
Thru the stars
You have it all
Beyond the bars
Unlock the cage
Set yourself free
Be whoever 
You want to be. 
Happy new year
A year complete
Now go dance
With new year feet
new year dreams
For new year love
Each year a gift
From up above
So lift your glass
And celebrate
With wine or water
Unlock the gate
And to the kingdom
Of freedom slaves
Where moons get born
From earthly graves 
As spiders dance
New vision eyes 
Why should dust


2016-01-01 (2)

Chasing the fireworks
When we had a birds eye view
That's what people like us
Like to do

Losing the cap
The gun and the screw
And pulling the needle eye thru

Mission of me 
Becomes mission of you
Now both the ghosts are unglued
Between both the seams of the paper ripped thru
Something is torn that was new

Chasing the fireworks
Bringing the year
Our wisdom still rusty or new

Believing in something
Beyond all these lights. 
Maybe it's just what we all have to do.


2016-01-01 (3)

Blade Runner. 

When I left 
I was thinking of what the world could give to me

When I came back
I was thinking of what I could give to the world

Shrouded as I was in cold shoulders
And blade runners
Who thought I wasn't real
Shooting me thru neon broken dark glass blowing thru hard lights of detective shades and the mystery of smoke. 
The robot voice chanting 
Move on
Move on 
Move on. Move on.

When I left I was miserable and on the edge of suicide
When I came home I wasn't concerned about anyone. But everyone else.


2016-01-01 (4)

For too long you've been lost
Both disgraced with no word
From a friend or on high
Passed the fog of the herd
As a Shepard you winced at the oncoming heat
But as the flock you marched on
Towards the promise to eat
Bewildered by sun
Or flowers from hell
The ladies came down
Understanding you well
And understanding you needed
So for their time you payed 
Holding ideals for ransom
At the penny arcade. 
Sleeping on benches
A drunk or a spy
The fiction of dreamers
On a bloodshooting eye
A map of confusion
Or a heart caught in strings
Electrical maps
For the most ancient kings.

And from different times
They come to us now
Singing songs long since dead
Both sacred and wow
As we wander down roads
All surrounded by cows
I see the dust run
As the rust machine plows.

For too long you've been lost
Both disgraced with no joy
Frozen somewhere in time
By the hate you employ
Feeding all of your nickels
And all of your dimes
The dead bells have rung
For your spirit their chimes. 
Sing songs of ascension 
And songs for the boy
You lost somewhere back
In the time you destroy.

For too long you've been lost
Masquerading as free
But the doctors are chasing 
You towards destiny
Frozen in pills a snowman in lust
You want it all now 
The betrayal and trust
Hollowed forever 
You've seen no real sun
It's heat lamps and big screens
And an old antique gun
Pointing and shooting
But no ammo left
The judgement we wanted
Was lost in the theft. 
Perhaps you heard about it
It was front page everywhere
Between the columns of mercy
Where they hide the despair
Two strangers were walking
A father and son
The one was too old
The other too young 
The father a child
The son an old sage
Both trying to read
From a script with no page
To the hideouts of wisdom
And Dawn coming on
Both silent and hungry
Just marching along.



For the birds. 
For me I can't do it
For others I can.
I guess you have to taste
Damnation or. oblivion
Before these "saintly" aspirations are
I guess you must find out first what it feels
To have lived a blown out life
And then still graced with the chance to turn it around. 
And it is like this we are trained.
Like dogs with strange forms of electrical collars 
Sending shockwaves thru our dreams/nightmares 
About the torment our lives
And so many lives
Are made from.
Up against that
You become willing.
To help yourself move past the products of your misery
Created to keep a corpse smelling good and in fancy Duds. 
And quickly realize. 
It's all for the birds.


2016-01-02 (2)

Dimensions beyond the intentions. 
And other dimensions. 
It sounds like hippy shit. 
But never listen to a discouraging word. 
They're all fucking liars. 
Not to be all dark but. 
Fear is a strong foe. 
People are dying from a misunderstanding about God and love. 
It's as backwards as can be. 
We should and can prop each other up. 
Celebrate the things our cultures and beliefs got right and question and laugh at where we got it wrong. 
It's hippy idealism run amok. 
I understand that but in the face of all the torment. 
We need to use the power of our words and imagination to help turn things around. 
Humanity and the world are worth fighting for. 
We are magical. 
Confused magic. 
But magical just the same. 
Love and serve and be happy. 
Seek to understand and answer with peace. 
On days when fear wins.


2016-01-02 (3)

God is also a baby
And to him
We are the creator
To him we decide his fate
Perplexed by this misunderstanding 
We wait for his damnation as
He waits for ours
He waits for our salvation as
We wait for his
And in the meantime
He's confused
At our war torn madness
Giving us this earth 
To celebrate
Even the unfortunate
On to the next
Place were peace is assured. 
He assumed
We would simply love
And throw parties that were interesting
With all the contradiction he imbued
But God is perhaps an addict
Always over doing everything
And our madness
From the seeming and actual cruelty of it all
Drove us into murderous despair 
But if we can shift perspective (And it's only a click)
We can have peace on earth
We can have those dark parties 
That only end with embarrassment
And fragility
Rather than mayhem and murder. 
And then we can return to peace
Making fun of each other 
As brothers and sisters.


2016-01-02 (4)

Is it possible to bomb?
I mean 
If you follow the bomb
Down to the bottom of the bomb?
If you get off on awkwardness?
If the ultimate applause
Is to be hurled by rotten tomatoes
Or if being tarred and feathered 
Feels like a Grammy?
Is it possible to bomb?
If you let the bomb
Blow you all over the room
So your eyes see in different corners
And your voice comes from the basement
And your arms open the exit door
As your legs follow the ladies home
Is it possible to bomb?
If you give in
To being blown apart?




Forgetting everything 
for now
I synthesize 
myself somehow
A ghostly hum
Upon the dawn
The reverbs hush 
now moves us on 
from last nights chance
The will to live
And breath some more
What we forgive 
To look for it
Seems such a bore
when depression
Begs for more 
But energies 
come rescuing
The vexed 
whose plague's 
are wrestling 
Against the grain
Of sky's unknown
The lifting chance 
Ancestor bone
Building huts
For nights to plead
Through out the skies 
wide fear you bleed
Loss of life 
and many more
You've been here 
Like this before
First an urchin 
Then a snake
Then a fragment
The things you break
And now you're here
Those things unglued
A thousand lives
You've over screwed
So switch out eyes
And start again
Sweep the basement 
Wash your skin 
Mind the store
The ghost has come 
He's come before
What you ran from 
But now he's come 
To shock your life
To give you hunger
then the knife



I wish you told me 
I had crack head teeth 
Then I could have brushed them
Or replaced them with gold leaf

I wish you would have told me
That my hair was just a fire
A crown for all the Kings who drown
In the seas of deep desire

I wish you would have told me
That my eyes
Were just harpoons
Aiming at all flesh
And life
While spiritual as moons

I wish you would have told me
That my heart was just a cave
For a creature to get lost in
Or find something to save

I wish you would have told me
That my legs were just two sticks
Hopping down the same old streets
Looking for new kicks

I wish you would have told me
That my ears will fade away
And the silence 
will become the song
Like a beard that's long and grey

I wish you would have told me
That my dreams 
Were all just ways
To keep the wheels all spinning
And any interest in this maze

I wish you would have told me
That I had crackhead teeth
Maybe I could have tried less hard
Accepting favor as a thief.



The deep dude 
stuck in shallow waters
As the day dies 
so do all the flowers
Where the wind blows
Holding secrets of his name
A witless ghost
A twisting blade
other convicts of his shame
The mission you
The vision love
The wisdom all can see
But in the shadows 
Of his heart
Death is just out
walking free
A bewildered beast 
A kingpin loon
A hatchet in the tree
Follows him
Thru civil wars
Between what he can 
and cannot see

The deep dude
Stuck in shallow waters
As the day dies (he thinks)
So does all that wallows 
About love lost
He can see
the sinking of his wife
As her lips crawl
Reaching for breath 
Below waters 
of his life
As this strange dawn
speaks fragmented glee
To the nightmare 
he keeps channeling 
At the disco bar
He will sparkle far
Amongst the tired 
and the rambling 
along with all the freaks 
With whom he speaks 
As he dreams them
Into saints 
And chatting with them 
They mix their souls
Like paints.



The butcher's wife

What's insanity sound like?
A soft tune
Blaring across midnight
A dog whistle
Set on permanent mosquito bite?
You became you
Drifting thru thirst of blood and appetite 
An angry jet
Sitting on tired eyes
Holding cups of lust
For ransomed skies
As the bounty hunter 
with pink shoe laces
Flirts with the beggar
As he murders her eyes!

Shooting out string cheese 
into trees
As the flies keep buzzing
into these
Plastic dolls 
With canoe heads and pleads 
The frost bit dandelion that every story needs
Who is no one you want to employ
The murder head lead singer 
Of a metal band called 'Line Destroy'
Like some dark dime store painting
On black velvet of a chief and native boy
Streaks of red and black on
The football field tonight!
Touch down and spiked ball
Afterlife alright!
Sitting in the dimly lit cathedral
With your strife 
Setting fire once again to your hedonism
Or rusty knife
Twisting as its done
Through out your life
The whip smart son of
The butcher's wife.



My shadows got the blues
But at least he has a friend
Twisted from the news 
That sometimes love must end
People moving on
Confusing shadows everywhere
Shadows missing people
And people with no care
My shadow got the blues
He's waiting for the night
That's when he gets to rest
And recharge for the fight
To always follow me
He keeps up with my toes
Chasing light or fire
Ignoring what the darkness knows
That sometimes love must end
And people grow and change
The light each day is different
But the shadows stay the same
Bleeding on old sidewalks
And then growing down long streets
Or on some city wall
Amongst the posters that repeat
The shadow keeps me moving
If I give the keys to him
But every time I do
I swear I won't do that again. 
So my shadows got the blues
But he's also got a friend
A way to share the news
That sometimes love must end.



Station to Station

David Jones 
you knew the show
Became a Bowie 
And away you go
So many years 
to innovate
To break the chains 
Of normal fate
Not just for you
But most of us
Saw your dream
And caught the bus
Road with you
Thru twists and turns
The scary monster
Never learns 
But goes thru changes
A heathen too
As divinity 
shown bright thru you
An alien 
both razor thin
A soul so wide
More than a man
A tapped in source 
To the other side
Where all the best 
ideas will hide. 
And now you're gone 
from this whole plane
your song remains 
Tho not the same 
Because your gone 
We need you more
The paradox
Of the life/death chore
But with you gone
It's funny how
You still seem to me 
living now
Won't see you 
in New York streets
But I just might
in the sheets
When I dream 
of rock n roll
And the few
that made 
it their own. 
You were one 
no one Denies
And what's you've left
A kingdom flies
From this station
To the next 
Another station. 
May you rest.



The World Without A Gun

Taking the shackles 
Off everyone
Is what we'd have
Without a gun
If no bullet
Ever shot
If no flesh 
Was ever hot
If no blood
Exploded will
Never any
Grave to fill
Never any 
child Lost
Never any 
In a world
Without a gun
Our lives would rest
Like setting Suns
Our dreams would play 
Just like a child
Our laughter free
Our lust more wild
Of course we'd still have 
Knives and murder
A rabid dog
That barks and huffs 
I know the first part 
was just a dream
And of course the darkness
of human beings
Will still befall us 
one and all
in every grave 
we all must fall
For though we're dark
We're like the sun
When we surrender
We are one.

In a world without a gun
We could surrender
And become one.

In a world without a gun
Our freedom shines
Just like the sun

Our breath is deep
And dreams just come

The cold less cold
And the killers all run

In a world
Without a gun. 
We could surrender
And become one.



The Pariah. Groups of wrath
The shun also rises
The pariah takes a stand
No one sympathizes

People like dogs
Need something to attack
If it's not a real enemy
It's a friend behind their back

A hello to arms
The young man and the sea
The pariah goes dancing
Strapped up in a tree

People like dogs
Form little packs
When one dog starts barking
No one listen to facts

The pariah is different
Scary to them
The dogs form around
Nipping and biting his skin

The first sign of blood
They growl all the more
The pariah can't remember
What he's doing this for.

The dogs all get bored
When the pariah is still
Their rabid guts empty
Needing something to kill
They turn on each other
And one by one find
Each one disappearing
From the back of the line.



With this man
A billion dreams
The courage from
The unheard screams
The empathy
Or power source
The way he set
His mind on course
With this man
A billion dreams
Lifting us 
And questioning
Why would any
Proclaim to know
Which colored skin
Is shining more?
Which intellect 
Is better fit
To make a genius
Hip hop hit?
To soul a groove
Or R and Be
Or Rock n Roll and
Chuck Berry
Poetry like
Langston Hughs
The color field
So vast with hues
The voice of Nina
A love that glues
I prefer Ed Bradley
On the news
But race should never
Be the score
Can we leave it 
At the door?
Is that that hard
You nimbaskulls?
Or must we always
Chase spider jaws
Across the floor
Of hateful minds
So full of fear
Their shadow blinds
Them from their heart
Of empathy 
Falling back 
into the sea
Of this hate
That burns inside
The meals of monsters
That time can't hide
From generation
To the next
The calculation
Is bleak at best
Human hearts
Like cold and grey
The anger fix
A game we play
But now our violence
Has broken us
Against white dawns
Of angel dust
Our souls
All fucked up
On drugs like sex
The media
And background checks
We've lost our way
And will soon be gone
Just like the ghosts
Of Babylon
Unless we shift
And open up
To the will of God
Or the spirit cup
Drink from love
And equality
The dream this man
Has given thee
Martin Luther
A saint for sure
A brother to
All who endure.


2016-01-19 (2)

Go beyond

Go beyond
the cattle call
The open wound
Or need to fall
Go beyond the stolen blade
Ancestor blood
And tidal wave
Go beyond 
the death that comes
And the loss
that beats our drums 
Go beyond 
the things that shatter 
The starving 
and the falling crumbs
Go beyond 
the wings that break 
and are one day 
claimed by dust
Go beyond the skeleton 
that prays at dawn
To master lust 
Go beyond 
the new born snake 
who only sees
Eclipsing moons
Go beyond the butterflies
Who come from ghosts 
And not cocoons 
Go beyond the razor blade
Your suicides 
been done before
Go beyond the needle prick
The junkie fix 
and need to score
Go beyond the wayward angles
That charge your life 
with mystery
Go beyond the futile walls
That try to hold 
your heart from me
Go beyond the missing link
The missing dream
The missing love
Go beyond

Anything you need

Go and then

keep going on.



Salvation Street

From the dusk
Into the shiv
Teach me how
I'm supposed to live
Without forgiveness
Or without hope
Leaning on
A broken Rope
Hanging with
The wild and free
Being someone
I can't be
Lifting faces
And trading them
Replacing all this
fur with skin
Coming from
the jungle now
Into the city
I ride a cow
It grows wings
We fly too soon
Yeah that was us
Over the moon
I have a three piece
Tuxedo on
In arcades
With donkey kong
We are donkeys
And we are kings
Ignoring now the phone
That rings
Without sleep
The burden of this place
Comes cheap
From the dawn
Into the sea
Maybe whales will
Rescue me

Skeletal Dolphins
Preserved on sand
Ignore the water
At one with land
And all this chaos
Falls around
Humans talking
Smack there now
Babies and battles
Boats and big Bulls
The red flags are waving
Look out now you fools!
The Bulls come charging
Down salvation street
Horns made of thunder
Echoing off their feet
People stuck under
Being trampled upon
The idiots cheering
For death holding on
The nuclear shelters
The blood on the sand
The things that you know
And yet don't understand
Time breaking open
And contracting again
The lines falling over
Making shapes on your skin
Like an OCD sketch from a dangerous man or a pack of old strays kicking chaos and cans

Without you I'm nothing
Just a lost melody
A beat thats too lazy
Tho some call it free
You're out there holding
On some other hand
The whispering voices
Now hard to command
Echoes confusion
Style worn out
The acid jazz fusion
Fretless bass starts to shout
An elastic like solo
It slides all around
And dances just like you
It's feet off the ground
Forgetting the distance
From here to the moon
I wait for your laughter
To fill up my room.
and pipe bombs
Guns and used whips
Put scars on the backs
Of the countless who strip
And reveal where they're hungry
Reveal where they're lost
thinking maybe love comes
But only after the cross.
And reveal what is tattered
And reveal what is torn
To reveal what they've
Given and now
Lost in the storm

So it's back to dusk
(This time) far from the shiv
The killers are hiding
But still won't forgive
And your mission
Is breaking
Itself out of jail
So strange to be winning
So normal to fail
I hear scattered voices
From here
down the street
I need to get out there
But I'm painting my feet
I painted my eyes
And I painted my brain
There's even a rumor
That I may not be sane.
But rumors are written
On old dirty walls
From bathrooms
To churches
To bankruptcy malls
And rumors just come
From the voice of the fried
As they're buzzing thru facts
Skipping truth
Belonging in shelters
Homeless again
Frozen in windows
Almost to your skin
I think that your reaching
But I lose all my will
In a vagabond second
Of this infinite chill
I think that you're reaching
But I just stay still
In this hideout called mercy
Embracing the kill
I think that you're reaching
But it's harder to fill
The time between reaching
For each other still
I think that you're reaching
But I lose my will
In a vagabond second
Of this infinite chill.



The Devils in the Details

(Inspired by Run DMC)

Judgey mc judgers
All judging my moves
Judging my clothes
Judging my shoes
Judging my drink
Judging my mind
Judging I think
The judgment they find
Judging my heart
Judging my will
Falling over their judgment
While judging it still
Judging the weapon
When there's no weapon there
Breathing in deeply
Their judgmental air

(Chorus sung in a prince like falsetto)

We can't afford
to put each other down.
We can't afford
To quit each other

(Back to Run DMC)

Judging the fortress
Where I put my soul
To protect from their judgment
My diamonds and my coal
Judging the future
Judging the past
Judging the winner
And the one who came in last!
Judging new lovers
Judging old shame
Judging the broken
Judgment of fame
Spreading on rumors
Like fruit on stale bread
Words just like tumors
Filling up their young heads
Drunkenly rolling
Down blueberry streets
When your judgment is over
My judgment repeats.

(to the chorus)

We can't afford
to put each other down.
We can't afford
To quit each other

So turn off your judgment
And get a new frame
There's no way you can tell
What's in any bodies brain
Some look like their winning
But they're ready to lose
As others are homeless
With a mansion in the blues
Judgement is weakness
You're stronger than that
Empathy is sexy
And your Judgement straight WHACK!
So turn off your judgement
And I think you might find
That you'll open your eyes
And realize judgement is blind

Now I hear what you're thinking
And you might be right still
It's true that I'm judging
Your judgmental will
In the end we're all naked
With nothing to hide
The light that you've lost
Is easy to find
It's there in your heart
Never all the way black
So work with the shadows
And you'll get your LIGHT BACK!

We can't afford
to put each other down.
We can't afford
To quit each other

(Prince takes us out)



The Rescue

Part 1

I need to evolve in the world and
Get out of these boxes
The way everything's been hurled
Into fragments and losses
I need a place to grow
Without the shackles tight
Trapping ones identity
To fear the truth and light
We follow all our lives
Who we think we're supposed to be
What others say we are
So much smaller than the sea
So much smaller than our space
So much smaller than the rain
We gave ourselves a face
And with it came a name
An accumulated soul
Bankrupt from the past
Where cauldrons in your mind
Remind you of your mask
Like widows crawling slowly
Thru graveyards and red moons
We like to think if only
We could escape these tombs.

But liberation wanders
A drunk down some old street
Where friends turn into strangers
And strangers come to greet
With smiles of vibrations
Love and candle wax
Burning tables gamble
Smoke coming from the stacks
And left here we are frozen
Trapped in these two worlds
One way is towards death
The other joy and pearls
Which way will you follow
When they come to murder you
Will you become another zombie
Or an angel made of glue
Will you blow apart the shackles
In a fireworks display
Against judgment and the cackles
Of the crowds that run away
Or will you let yourself be hollow
A fortress for no one
But the idiots who wallow
In the things that have been done.

I would rather wander
Myself into the sun
And realize this place here
Isnt far from being done
So why protect a fragment
Of dust that will be dust
When there's love that holds no end
In a galaxy of trust
Why protect your pride
Why want it to go on
If you're expanding like a string
Bending note into a song
Sung from the almighty
Nothing here but love
forgiveness and surrender
And the will to rise above.

Part 2

So go where you are lonely
And go where you are lost
Faith and trust will find you
Before the darkness of the cross
Go where you are stepped on
Go where you're betrayed
Go where you're a victim
But don't give your tears away
For when you take a lashing
Your sins are roads to pave
And in the end you know
You're both the master and the slave
Hearts are held for ransom
Who knows how or why
Phone calls come at night
Voices muffled saying hi
Do you want your heart back
Says the stranger on the line
I do but I got no money
And barely any time
He coughs and says there is
One thing that you could do
Just give your heart away
And that may rescue you.



Hotel Kalifornia

No one knows what happened 
when they took me in that room 
The border guard named Chico 
Had a pet rat and a broom
He led me down the corridor 
Into their twisted feast
Check out time was never
Preparing now to kill the beast 
No dark desert highway
No cool wind in my hair
And I was thinking to myself
What are my folks doing here?
They had my whole family 
Represented at the feast 
Mannequin robot springs
Snapping knives / making leaks 
No expression on their faces
An empty chair for me
The border guard named Victor
Looked just like Don Henley
He said let me see your papers
Then drank a sip of wine
It says here you're born in Akron
After 1969
Then they told me Glenn was leaving
And said you are free to go
But took me to a stage
And said you still owe us a show
I said I need my pedals
They are programmed to receive 
And once you hear the signal you know
You can never leave. 
There was just one more office
Where they wanted all my cash
Passed the lining in my pocket 
Where I really hide my stash. 
They gave me a pill
And then a shot in my neck
The pill was so I could remember
The shot was so I might forget 
Then they asked me who I was
And who I wanted to be
I said all that stuff is broken
I belong now to the sea. 
Then I was at the ocean
And in the distant shore
I saw a girl with a face as bright
As Suns I've seen before
But with his snapping fingers
I woke up with the guards
The ocean was me dreaming
Away the neon concrete shards 
Don Henley was there smoking 
And he blew it in my face
He said now justify your reason
For coming to this place
We all know that it's haunted
You're better off to flee
The charts, the whores and laughter
Have prison guarded me 
They say rock n roll is over
He says is this how it ends?
I got a lot of pretty pretty things
But they're not friends
And then he let me go
I saw the look in his eye
He saw his own self long ago
Falling there thru the sky
And when he stamped my passport
He said just try to be nice 
Remember we're all prisoners here
Of our own device. 
I walked into the parking lot
A group was waiting for a spell
In the car thinking to myself 
This could be heaven 
Or this could be hell.



Actual time frame
Actual time
My service is rendered
Along with my mind
Deflated ego
Blown up to the sun
The hologram weapons
Pointing at everyone
Actual windows
Actual doors
Broke from your travels
Thru lost corridors
Moving inside you
A death coming on
As figments of folly
Keep you up til the dawn
Actual time frame 
Actual time
The lift off just makes you
Forget what to find
Forget what was lost
Forget what was you. Footprints of a lion
Walking out of the zoo.


2016-01-25 (2)

Reaching for the light 
On the corner of dusk
The moon a dog
No one can trust
The cat a snake
The snake 
The sun
The wounded child
In everyone
Move thru the dark
Keep up your song
The melodic change
To sing along 
Come among us
Be our friend
The world has come
To let you in
Reach for the light
It's there to see
The wayward wounded
Reach for the light
The truth passed dawn
Beyond good or evil
Or things you've done
The truth that you
Can still be free
Not a hallow shell
Or vacancy
The truth that you
Can ignite the sun
And smoke the fog
Across the dawn
Breath the clouds
And burp the moon
Look out for strangers
Who know the dune
Marine machine guns
And rattlesnakes
Or battered drunks
With turns and shakes
Reach for the light
The endless song
The quitters who keep
Pushing on
Survivors who are DOA
In prisons made
From things they say
Made up cages 
Of words
And dreams
As scary as old 
Where people dressed
As ghouls and ghosts
And the slave became
The master's host
And dogs all barked at
Crazy moons
In drunk tanks
With thieves and loons
Spitting blood
From dirt fist fights
Over who's cigarette
Was the one with lights
Over who's bayonet 
Stabbed the protocol 
Or who's slingshot
Pierced our freedoms wall
Reach for the light
It may go soon
And darkness may be
All that will loom
Each precious sunset
Each friendly smile
Each open heart
Each laughing child
Each winters dawn
Each Holy Ghost
Each friend you keep
And all you have lost
Reach for the light
It's here so you find
Your way to a love
That you can't leave behind.


2015-01-25 (3)

I wanted Enlightenment
I wanted the feast
Far off and searching 
From the west
To the east but
I wanted the fame
And fortune to match
Struck against flint
A Spark fire catch and a 
Head over flowing
With silly ideas
From saving the world
To conquering fears
But in the end there are limits
In this life we move on
We do what we can
Living in Babylon 
With all this darkness
Ready to fall
Just look for the light
That looks for us all.

She wanted enlightenment 
She wanted true love
Far off in searching
From drunk tanks to clubs
To ceremonies sacred
With shamans and dreams
Of God coming down
To help silence the screams 
But she wanted money
And a husband to hold
Someone to love her
Face getting old
In the end we have limits
To what we can lose
Or willingly surrender
(Before) we break like a fuse
Into absolute darkness
Or eternal peace
When we're no longer hungry
They bring us the feast.

I wanted enlightenment 
But I wanted romance
Nights full of laughter
And the idiot's chance 
Nights left there foggy
By the side of the road
On the way to this nowhere
The wheels have now slowed
There's no destination 
Where I need to be
No room full of children
Waiting for me
This life temporary 
We're here and we're gone
The sky always falling
Into where we belong.

What makes us look higher
What makes us want more 
Is it only delusion
Or the fear that we're poor
What keeps us searching
What keeps us here
What keeps us wanting
Something to care
In battlefields bloody
From Saigon to Wall Street
What keeps us running
On hologram feet
The road disappearing
That we're moving down
Until there is nothing
But a hum or sound
And darkness the window
You're now looking thru
Eyes changing colors
The bloodiest hue
Emotions cathedrals
This world and the next
Frozen with seagulls
Both blessed here and hexed
Forgotten like shadows
We all disappear
And in the end there's no way
To even know we were here.

I wanted Enlightenment
I wanted the feast
Far off and searching 
From the west
To the east but
I wanted the fame
And fortune to match
Struck against flint
A Spark fire catch



If they're your friends
They'll give you the benefit 
Of the doubt
The rooms you battle
They'll let the smoke
Air out
And behind your back
They won't call you 
A lout
They won't pray
With their pride
To figure you out
But rather
Give you the benefit 
Of the doubt

If they're your friends
They'll let you roll
Elastic like you'll stretch and stroll
Your head expanding
Or closing down
Your vision alive
Like the underground
So many stations
And trinkets for sale
An unending plethora 
Of ways to pay bail
Or tattoos to get
Or lady bug dreams
Or glitter and gold
As fake as it seems

If they're your real friends
They won't let you bleed out
Let alone
Twist the knife when they're pulling it out
They won't confuse your mind
With double back speak
Or forget to invite you
To their easy speak
If they're your real friends
They'll say come out with us
And no money will cross
Desires and trust 
They won't assume that you're twisted
Afraid or unkind
They won't fill up with nightmares
The content of your mind
They won't betray your weakness
And expose it to shield
Themselves from the riches
They never could yield

But rather look to your warmth
And help bring it out
Love's simple chance
The one that you doubt 
Will come to full bloom
In the presence of them 
And when you feel like that
Brother you found a friend.



She be ghost
Walks empty street
She be head 
Rolls under feet
She be calls
Made to voids
Or the pumpkin
Kids destroyed
She be weapon
Pointed straight
She be acid
She be normal
Ok in jail
Cant see the cage
Not seeking bail
She be needy
She be close
She be who he
Loves the most

She be corners
She be crack
She be profit
A bouncing back
She be stolen
She be used
The monkey head
In her abused

She be sentenced
To life not long
The weirdos need her
Moving on
Unaccepted and afraid
Mental illness 
A razor blade
Her reflection
Drops of red
Eyes so heavy
Out weigh lead
And as she falls
silence's cloud
The holy ghosts 
to her they crowd
They chant and sing
belongs to heaven
A diamond being
And tho her own life
She took herself
Her sin
For those she helped.



This earth
Always trying to punch us back into itself
This life
A street fight between you and everyone else

Gravity beat down
Gravity cleats
The sky always raining
Threats and defeats
This life is a beat down
The bloodiest kind
Each one that you love
You watch lose their mind

This earth waits on gravity
To swallow us back
The shovels all clacking
Your movement is tracked
And people are poison
Their poison in air
Like snakes who have bites 
That can reach anywhere
Destroyed thru words
At energy's glance
Your body mangled 
By time and circumstance
And yet you push forward
Toward the emptiest prayer
Where else can you fall
With those who fall everywhere.

This earth
Always trying to punch us back into itself
This life
A street fight between you and everyone else



Like a bird 
on a pole
Holding open 
one more soul
Looking thru 
the underground
The slaves of love 
are who he found
His wings are tired
So here he rests 
Before the take off
Beyond the nest
Leaving his
Whole family there
He hunts for food 
but finds despair
Pleading silence
Grey fog dawn
The wind it shifts
Wings flap he's gone.



The Orange planet is coming into view. 
Let's make contact.

Oh we are coming
And we are coming to Rocks!
With drums made of tar
And guitars made from Blocks!
We'll stack our jams (like kids)
Building fantasy space
And more than only Rock!
We will Roll about the place
For Rock without Roll
Is dumb angry white
And Roll without Rock
Just keeps me up thru the night
Our music is orange
But our sunbeams are red
Our God named 'Random'
Performs magic tricks on our head
So come to our show 
Like Star Trek beam up!
Our enterprise is flying 
Thru space in a cup
Our phasers on stun
But they still blow up stones
I'm Captain Kirk 
Jeff's Spock
Rich is Bones. 
Our mgmt. like Scotty 
Is giving it all that she's got
So welcome aboard
I think you'll like us a lot.





Guitar Heart Hands

I picked up my guitar 
and thought
I ain't played you in quite some time,
But then I glanced 
at my hands
And my fingers 
couldn't lie 
I got guitar heart hands. 
And all them 
no night stands
With loneliness 
in clans
Pining cheap 

Gave me 
guitar heart hands.

I spoke to buzz saw 
who said
He saw the wood crawl 
And bark out 
new demands. 
He said 
make me a guitar
And I 
hope you find a star
To give 
guitar heart hands. 
So I thanked 
the buzz saw
And then I 
blinked at the wall
At the beauty 
who was 
Still there with me
A six string Joy
Both an axe and a toy 
And when you think about it 
never ending tree.

For when the tree fell
It was under a spell
Of music 
that would then set it free
So to heaven it rose
Like an Angel whose toes 
only dance 
on electricity 
Giving me 
guitar heart hands. 
As the will commands
And the new age damns/demands
Things that trash and slam
Like my guitar heart hands.

Joey Ramone chant x 8 (in fast repetition)
Guitar! Heart! Hands!

As those guitar heart hands
Fly from chord to chord
With music dreams 
on over board
Distortion glance 
and reverb punch
Delay black eyes
The phaser clutch
Rev the engine 
of fuzz and wha 
Whammy bar 
bend spirit wall
Holy grip
Holy chain
Addicted to this
Thing for pain
All of it
Goes flowing thru
Becoming music
Me to you
You to me
And back again
Guitar hearts strumming
Thru our sin

Joey Ramone chant x 8 (in fast repetition)
Guitar! Heart! Hands!



Glimmer On the Street. Look at that glistening 
Part bloody water
It belonged to a seal
Or else the priest's daughter
Who went off with scandal 
To penny arcades
To the beats of the thieves
Always dodging the raids 
Her boyfriend assured,
But still unearned pride
Led to a deal 
To keep from getting him fried
His story of capture
Was national news 
In between genocide 
And Nina singing the blues
Naked as shadows
Floating thru screens
To hypnotize sex
Or else holiday scenes
But he made a plea
Or a bargain they say
They called him a rat
But it's always that way
So he lived in the suburbs
Til one day was undone
By shadows of failure and by
His own hand he hung 
So look at that glistening
Part bloody water
As the street breathes it in
They all come to slaughter
His vision fades in 
And burns with the flame
The water more red
Washing blood off his name.



We care about your safety. mobbed up
By the spirit world
Mobbed up by your kiss
The idiot with a switch
Blade's blood on the tips
Of multiple pokings
Thru multiple holes
The fear of the needy
And the lone horse who strolls
Thru deserts when greedy
And bankrupt alone
In the arms of starvation 
And no other home
Mobbed on spirit
Cause still willing to fight
Tho his head be a swarm
And his heart only night.



The shattering and boomerangs 
Jesus came for this
To letting go
To become the one we miss
For when we fade
We fade with thee
The lion and the snake
The sun is just a shattering
The lions roar and break
Eye lids 
Needles and 
The oracle in you
Opens when you spread your legs
Around someone who is true
And oh my angel falling down
I want that here with you
To run across the valley
Natures high fulfillments dew
I seep inside then come inside 
To make count when life moves on 
The action of tradition 
Chewing stones before we're gone 
Deep into 
the wasteland
With all the people who are lies
Who are not in their own skin
And never will apologize. 
fight the dragon
And the flames. your sin and death to come 
Actors lung 
The bear is here we need to run! 
In every corner hiding love 
In hookers hearts 
Trying to catch me unaware. 
Scrapping dreams for kicks and parts.



Old lungs and ancient breath

For all of those who fell
When dark hearts raged within
And calculated terrors
Put sanctions on our sin
Floating in the cosmos
To protect illusions web
Living under fire
Trying to kill the living dead
Asked to give your dreams away
And then to give your life
Before you even lived it
Or got to know your wife
I bow on this odd day
And ask to live as true
Relaxing both my eyes
That they might see the world for you
Thank you for your service
Thank you for your sacrifice
No words can do it justice
In some room with scattered mice
I hope you feel the love
The world is giving you
To show us ways beyond
Our limitation's view
This day is to your memory
I wish I could remember you
I never saw your face
As the terror in it grew
I never saw you smile
Or play jokes on your friends
never heard your stories
Don't know how any of them end.
But I can see your sacrifice
With eyes half blind from age,
When you're young you only feel it,
Nothing's broken from the cage.
And too touch upon surrender
You had to breath thru lips of death
Air that should have come with time
Old lungs and ancient breath.
But for youth it's so much wider
Its all in realms of dreams
Ears of disappointment
Have not yet heard their violent screams
So your sacrifice is total
It's unbearable to give
But that's why you are a hero
And give reason now to live.



Distant Chinese Wires (for L)

Enlightened senators of june
Bloom hectic on your tires
you run as if electrified
By distant Chinese wires
Drawing on some paper moon
The window red eye glance
Forgives us all what we destroy
Down avenues of chance.

You say that you're an artist
And you live below a dream
Where ideals are often heckled
And with risk you can't redeem
The notion of survival
And we only get a glimpse
With limitless infinities
We'd rather just be chimps

Fractals deeper language speaks
Your brother is the sun
Your mother is the center
Of everything you've done
Your father how he loved you and
Showed you to the light
When you were still an angel
Frozen in his dream at night

He viewed this as expansion
We go until we break
There's no hideout left for mercy
It's either real or fake
I too once believed
But since have lost my faith
Said the man inside the castle
Guarding money in his safe

Your father was a genius
And a good man to be sure
I could see the way he loved you
Like a diamond cut for pure
Riding there with fear
Like some hallucinatory chum
Not the widow of the darkness
Telling him he better run

But an inquisitor of something
From the third eye spirit realm
it blew thru his eyes like stairways
Guiding you to take the helm
And you are just as worthy
As anyone can see
And more than just all that
You give your vision out for free

A shadow of a sanctuary
A place lost souls can wail
Be it songs of freedoms wonders
Or the hell of death and jail

No you are still an angel
A child ancient white
A whisper of real love
Always in his dream at night.

A shadow of a spider
Or a snake no one can call
We all turn into damage
And then hide behind the wall

But you are still his angel
A safeguard thru his fight
The love you loved to give him
Will always be his dream at night.



These rats

They died for my sins
They may not have known it at the time
A new one would appear
Lifeless as a mirror in a junkyard
That thing I'd done, 
Absolved I guess. 
I buried it
Beyond compactors and the rest 
And even wore a suit. 
These rats. 
They keep forgiving me
In ways they'll never know. 
I bury them in rows
And even make them tiny tombstones. 
Name them. Make up birthdays and sometimes entire lives. 
Imagined families and the dynamics of their disguise. 
And the values they must have shared
Warriors each one. 
An enemy of the sun. 
Think of it. Being a rat. 
Your work is never done!
These are the Damned among us. 
And yet they keep sacrificing themselves one by one. 
Most were people who tried to run. 
Just to keep imagined flames from my soul. 
Or in the very least, one more shot at self control.



Scratch infinity in red beard diamond
Heroes frame his head
With mirrors and leaders falling down
We live until we're dead.
But that is just an echo too
A shadow on the bus
An innocent photographer
And a model some could trust.
He scratched infinity in a red beard diamond
But you caught it with your lense
The way this universe falls in love to the strictly way he bends
You caught the mother winking love
And spaceship landing home
His eyes just like a babies now
from how brightly he has shown
Like a sun without a shadow map
Or a moon whose nest you crawl
As strangers come now visiting
From his echoes off your wall.
He scratched infinity in a red beard diamond
He changed to the extreme
Guided now by aliens and the shadow of his dream.



Muhammad Ali
rest in peace
The champ of gloves
and self belief
To feed your hunger
You starved it whole
Changed the landscape
Of white control
Changed your name
and took the heat
But never quicker
On your feet
made you take
The dreams from bars
You studied there
With captive stars
They filled your eyes
Rectangle/square and
What you want
Let it be there

And as if magic
There it was
The manifest
of risk and cause

You were outside
Of the lines
But who had drawn them
In the vines?
Take a risk
On self belief
And from surrender
Become a thief

knocked the big man
Off his block
Your voice became
A ticking clock
You spoke in rhyme
with so much glee
Boasts and taunts
And funny shit
First the laughs and
Then the hit
Then the stars
And then the floor
Then the bell
The crowd would roar!
Your arm was raised
The belt defined
Perfect body
Fractured mind

But all of us
Are on a grid
The oldest ghost
in every kid
Your body caught and
To your mind
Leaving now
It far behind
Those old tapes
We'll all rewind
watch all that
When the rain won't shine
When the lion's gone
And it's just the snake
The fighting things
you couldn't take
Or raise yourself
Over the wall
Up from the streets
To the Champion's hall
beyond the jail
A freer place
it's ok to fail
With a prideful face.

You were outside
Of the lines
But who had drawn them
In the vines?
Take a risk
On self belief
from surrender
Become a thief
And from the outside
Of the lines
The greatest of
the greatest times
Roll the dice
On self belief
And from this self
We hold relief
Cuz you were outside
Of the lines
You redrew them
For the future's blind.
Take a risk
The self you seek
Is in that risk
Just underneath.
That's what you said
With mouth guard teeth
Keep on fighting
And give them grief!

Thanks and
RIP Champ



One Way Flight

You cannot hide
and yet be seen
Your fractals hide
in everything
Snowflake bones
of dust and youth
The winter sun
and hidden truth
You cannot hide
and still prevail
The murder of
your will to bail
The past that you
can't leave behind
Like things you lose
that help you find
Be it people
with abuse
Or the
murderer's excuse
Be it failure
young and old
Be it laughter
hard and cold
Be it Eagles
swooping in
To kill their prey
For flight again
Be it prisons
where great men die
Or just that look
That's in your eye
You cannot hide and still be seen
The clipping of your only wing
So I'll be brave you be brave too
With both our wings we just have two
Still that's enough To hold on tight
Each other's breath
And one way flight.



Port Arthur

Setting fire
to old buildings
then pretending she's a ghost,
I found her crying
in the dog park
In nothing but
a sheet and lost.
I said "Hey what happened to you"?
She said
so much with grin,
I said "it can't be all that bad
Can't you work
to build a damn?" But then her eyes went blank,
She whipped her head around,
Began screaming bloody murder,
And on her head appeared a crown.
Wasn't made of diamonds or
Gold, you can't invest!
This one was just of flames,
Or the things
We don't confess.
When it crept down from her crown,
to engulfing both her eyes,
She couldn't see
Them burning
Her history of lies.
Repressed in nights spent fucking,
Or else the yoga
of new age,
She may have been a yogi,
But needed help to turn the page.
When infractions of her ego,
Would rest and let her go,
She could blow out like a cannon,
In some gulf in Mexico.
A fireworks display,
Like most have never seen,
Every color you could think of,
Explode like flowers into cream.
A thing of so much beauty,
not a con for fools to rest,
More a vision of the sun,
Or a baby at the breast.
But back here
at the dog park,
She was ashes
cold from rain as
I was still beside her,
Hearing voices
and insane.
Just then an older brother
Came too close too my feet,
And handed me a suitcase
And a sandwich I could eat.
Opened a card table,
Then grabbed the case from me,
Opened it while humming "Let me show you misery."
Inside there were three shells,
Under one a tiny head,
Carved to look like me,
A couple days before I'm dead.
He said "man pay attention !"
Then grinned with two gold teeth,
As rain drops from the brim,
Of his Stetson hit a leaf.
Grabbing at my collar,
He leaned close in to my ear,
Whispered, "those shells
Are how you've suffered,
Thru these ages of your fear,
You think it doesn't matter,
Which way you roll that head,
After all it's all been carved,
blurry chaos and your dead.
As your hallowed world of voices
Says no one really wins,
In those shells where you've been hiding,
surrendering amends."
He packed up all his things,
And left as soon as that. So
I picked up some of Penny,
And then threw her at a rat.



Here's to the Survivors (We all should be)

Here's to second chances and survivor guilt
And to the way you felt in your grandma's quilt.
Reflections like dust spin round and are gone,
To before never was or anything had begun.
Let Jesus crawl,
Let Moses weep.
America on fire just herding the sheep.

In groups we all stroll to the cliff and keep on,
As the digital warlords suck our eyes like a bong.
Our blood is ice water
Our soul is the smoke.
Blending time all together
You get up to choke.
Hack in the sink
And check in the mirror.
Eyes still detached since
September that year.


2016-06-23 (2)

Ode to a Falcon

Begin again
From the child within,
There's no sure way
Out or thru.
You blew your weird cloud,
Made you're parents both proud,
But in the end
No one got conned there
but you.
Isolating yourself
Deceiving the ghost
Hiding your eyes in the sink.
Making love fraud
Watching Harold and Maude
Wishing someone would pour you a drink.
Begin again
From the child within,
Try and forget your shame.
It'll bleed you out,
drifting a drought, in the dark
With an idiot's name.
Like how
I was a fable
building a shrine
To anyone who
believes they can fly.
And then you came along
With no chance to belong
And with that came your knee jerk goodbye.
You can't be alone
But you cant be together,
Things get strange
When you're calamity Jane.
Or the princess of doom,
Who steals her perfume,
To help forgive
All the world
For her pain.
I was a mere youth
But you looked like the truth,
To a kid who was brought up on cleats.
But from a serpent's tongue,
I learned how to reason
And make your rain shine on the streets.
Thru the skies of your hair
Like peas of a pod
You said we
Will run til the end
You'll trick both our feet,
I'll treat your head neat,
And hope to keep just what makes me your friend.

Begin again
From the child within,
There's nothing to make us secure.
But I'll hold on you,
Be you lie, dream or true,
Or everyday less and less sure.



Time is the canvas
On which we exist
The minutes and hours
The seconds we kiss
The church where love blossoms
Inside of us all
The sky is our window
Salvation our hall
Faith ever lasting
Is the alter that shakes
When the hiccups of rage
Show us cowards and fakes
Time is the screen
Our film shows upon
To no one we know
But our need to belong
Cacophonous dancers
Our thought frying pans
Clank in the kitchen when
We're baking our plans
Fed to survival
Ever awake
Even when sleeping
Off the last new mistake
The days and the weeks
Building up over years
Buried some shadows
And ancestor's fears
Once then left hallow
Some always that way
Tho some do let go
To dawnings new day
A wide open canvas
We're all free to paint
Anything we could want
Be it Satan or saint.

Time is the canvas
On which we exist
The minutes and hours
The seconds we kiss,
And it may all be worth it
But can we let ourselves fall
Thru love's open window
Into Salvation's hall?



Sometimes New York says "!Hey I'm a hippie!"
It tye dies it self in all colors of pride.
Be who you were, or
Be who you are, or
Just be here and keep standing by.
The energy
Metallic made music,
And bones
On the street thudding on.
The beings with their hunger
Distorting their eyes
Now milky and grey as the dawn.
I heard some baptism whisper inside you,
But does light have a breath or a choice?
Cause she talked about darkness,
Her lover of course,
And how only he new of her voice.



Dusting down the Reverbs
I do the most damage
Trying to be the most free
These glowing dogs always find me
Half way in tuna plums of red smoke
The lift of your finger
Screaming hope both of you choke!
Then you spit the half piece of Trident you chewed
Thru the cracks of your skull
Into the red sand of your brood
(Or your old neighborhood)
You stood on that highway
Both naked and afraid (and scared)
But soon were in pieces
For machete bike blades (or deep ocean shark fair, prepared.)
Like a bat you blew open
Were full of dark stuff,
When the hunger inside you
Can't get fed enough. (You chew on the bible. The pencil. A cock. A broken spring mattress. Wearing a holiday sock.)
No time goes too long
And no time you can't bend

But this time is a beggar
And nobodies friend

No time goes too long
And no time you can't bend

But time is a king who will gut your last friend.
For when he's beside you you feel so assured
Flying thru plans like pills and a blind summer bird.
but even then he speaks of going off soon
He says you never know,
It could be the next moon?
From that moment on, you look
over your shoulder
The wind up your spine more painful and colder
The hex on your name
Written under bright lights
Falling thru trash is
You! the kingdom of heights.
Autographs burned
The dream dried up spout
If love could be had
you had your shout out.
The wing in the window
Is all that you've got.
Flapping there slowly
with nowhere to fly.
The wing in the window
is all that we've got
And mine's
just the light in your eye.
The wing in the window
flaps til it stops
and then it's just madness unchained
A ghost of yourself
dusting down the reverbs
Of roller coaster life
Somewhere past the fast lane.



The Clock Ruler

Cosmic cops
Run at my feet
Bring down chips
And Vegas heat
Desert head
A sand ashtray
My thoughts like butts
Old cig decay
Smoking hearts
Both yours and mine
To beat without
The lie of time
Boxes that we
Squeeze us in
From darkness
Where we first began
Cosmic cops
Both you and me
I'll bust your ass!
If time was real
I'd spend mine with you
Like a mouse
On a tray of glue.



It's a beautiful thing
to have a friend like you
The dusty shelf
you put me thru
The handkerchief
of gasoline
A soul to match
a flame to bring
A beautiful thing
A friend as true
Inventing songs
To sing for you
To ghost your blades
With healing beams
And help you to find
Broader dreams
And like the mirror
That cracks at dawn
Reflect you do
Where I belong
A face as scattered
As mine or yours
Our image shattered
In blames divorce
The fault is mine
I have no force
I hope the sun
Returns of course
And when it does
I hope you will
Consider me
Your brother still.



Stadium (Top) Dog
Calling you home
Songs for Ohio
Blooming rose
A dancing king
A plot of eggshells
Gravestone hatching
A place to weep
For everything.
A moon that follows
A whisper laughing
(Jokes made after wine and such)
A monkey willow
Your hand's rough touch
A moment
When you're captured there
Staring at what
Seems too much.
When you don't know (what you like) you're hollow
Drinking Jack, the menthol queen
I see you now in New York laughing
Being catered too,
like golf course greens
The ones we wandered
Thru our high school
Years Ohio burned away
Like the weed
And Zeppelin's holler
With blown out skies
As thunders play.
We take our chances
Make numb skulls rattle
First our own
And then disguised,
The broken homes from which we battle
For ever travel
in our eyes.
Calling you home
Songs for Ohio
Blooming rose
A dancing king
Naked in the graveyard roasting
Hotdogs On
an oil can dream.



The Ticket Puncher// /Tooth punch LA
Black tooth survival
Hiccup in brooklyn
New York revival
I've never been home
But I've made monkey bars
That looked like old loves
And dance now thru stars
He wrote it "I love you"
With big bold white paint
Against the wood varnish
Of a dresser dark stained
The words travelled far
From the 70's til now
I wish I could say them
To you here somehow.
But all I can conjure
Is lonely disgrace
It glows like pink moons
Phasing now thru your face
First just a sliver
Then half
And then full
And back to a crescent
Lights the way for the mule
Across the dark dessert
Heading somewhere unknown
To hide all the truths on the path you've been shown.


2016-07-06 (2)

Sid's Gang We come from the heist
We've broken thru time
There are dreams we can't own
They'll never be yours or mine
We fall for our freedom
And we wind up in jail
The keys ever locking
The boy in the whale
Black and white soldiers
From grey matter dawn
It's me and a dozen
Coming where we belong.
We come from the heist
But we stole nothing more
Than a wave in your eyes
Or the love on your shore
You've given us over
To the Feds and your son
The broken head rider
Where the skull bashers run
For now we stand with you
But once rested be sure
That you hide your medallion
Where the blue diamonds were.



Shake down in Sherman Oaks
LA the land of no answer
A voided eye into another (dancer)
Nose to nose the stonewall cracks
The father lays the brother's tracks
The wounded knee
The honeyed sip
The broken rib old wing you clip
To your lapel at the high school dance
Or the county fair
Where you took a chance
And asked the girl
Whose brown eyes fell
Into the future's home you dwell.
Into the future's home you dwell
The second sip from the blinded well
The new born cross
The sexy hip
Swing by across
The countess lip
Red blood drip
Like honey too
We pull across
The pinball blue
Lights flash and turn yellow's bed
Your eyes turn in
We're head to head
We start to kiss
You turn away
Hollywood dreams
Just end that way.
Hollywood! - you garbage town
These star fucks sniffing underground
Wired as they stare in lights
Some new messiah
Wearing tights
Or some Mick Jagger in a checkered suit
Who could afford that parachute?
And where can safety charge you thru?
The plane crash always born in you.
In LA the land of no answer
Or at the very best a quick sand dancer
You let your body slip away
Become the snake
Where the wise men pray
Become the cloud
Become the dusk
Free as a flame
Or burning tusk.
Become the thing
You cannot trust
And with this place
Allow the rust.


2016-07-07 (2)

Better the fat mind
The third eye fat mind
The fat body third eye
Pink moon eye
Fed and fat

Or the skinny
Two eye snake
Of the city rat infested
Nuclear hallucinations
Paranoid predator?

Better the whimsical
Stoner. Stoned
And hash held
In a puff n stuff pastry
Or a wounded

Aderal bone chip knee
Bleeding out across actress of tired land
Awake for five days
And driving into fixes
Like snacks for foxes
And butterfly blades.
Or better still telling your story in rooms wounded by strangers whispering of the holocaust. Or the apocalypse
Or how the two became one in the vortex of China taking over the world.
Let's skip rope again
Or play ghost in the graveyard
Let's spend days playing football under nuclear bomb skies like we did in the 80's.
And let MTV blow our minds all over again.



For the drunk that's always there.

Hearing voices
Mood ring stations.
Songs from disconnected units (the broken patrons)
A lambasted form
Shifting now from some units sold
To new life being born.
There are visitors upon us
They, the geniuses of fright!
They know how to bend the darkness,
And then with ease they shift the light.
To madness or else vision,
Where other worlds are shown
Where they clobber over this one
As if this one were their own.
I hear some people scramble
But turn and no ones there
"Forget the ways you've struggled,
And the rooms of your despair. "
Said one ghost to another
Both bent beyond repair.
As the empty room lay shaking
For the drunk that's always there.



This life
Redeems herself
Upon a fleeting wish
If I could resign
I would
And serve you one more dish
But the beggars
Always coming home
And the blind man hangs his wings
Against the shattered past and then
amongst other shattered things
We can return
And become light
But for this we have to pray
For the hexes of our sins to leave
And age old like child's play
But for that a certain freedom
Beneath the door of dark roomed hearts
Picking up the pieces
Or looking for the missing parts.
I've been looking thru that window
Said the dummy made of clay
The expression on his face
Just something else to fade away
You think that you're alone here
He said, his voice ground out of wood,
But your mission is much bigger
Than you have ever understood
Survival and dimension
A plane of sacred glass
Transmitting what he tells you
And never needing once to ask.



What a moment to catch
You hitch yourself too
All the eggs that you hatch
Bound like a lamb
In big cities of sin
The thieves of your fortune
Are returning again.



I was born in a crossfire hurricane 

I was born in a crossfire hurricane
Mick redeeming Bob like a laser beam
Harvey the looker the seer of all
Marty the killer in front of it all
The shot ever panning
Red rock souls lay
With the sexy ones flaunting
Their bodies away

I was born in a storm broken by disease
The frost ever rotten yet fresh as you freeze
Under cottonwood broken
The spinning clay wheel
Our hands ever kneading
Touching whatever they feel/geek
Ever covered in mud
Ever convinced by the dawn
That your days are fast fading
With your will to belong.

But it's all right.
In fact it's a gas.



Scattered under your lawn

No rest for the tone deaf
And awkwardly divine
I'll make my next move
In the summertime.
No joy for the needy
And fundamental kind
They always give up
Before going out of line.
When aren't you conflicted?
Even during your sleep
The vamps of your vision
From below you come creep
To ring out the crickets
Chase spiders at dawn
And dig up the bones
Scattered under your lawn.
Where deaths animation
Plays old movies across
The screen of your dreams
Lit up and spinning the loss. And
Hold on is all you hear whispered in the distant thunder beyond the pines and prayers.



I painted my door. And wrote this. For the heck of it. 
It's called. For the heck of it. (Just cause the word heck is underused.)

For The Heck of it. 

Thru a door
we all have to go
To view the world
or play in the snow
To find distant loves.
To write distant songs
To sing to ourselves
where distance belongs.
Between you and me
Between us and them
The cosmos and time
A rain drop on your skin
And back thru the door
We keep it a all out
In our little room
At each other we shout
But it was just me
Yelling into strange glass
A dead thing that shatters
And cuts you up fast.
So back thru the door
We all have to go
To find a new love
Or a seed we can grow
To make the sun happy
To see us again
To hear him in silence say
He's still our good friend.



When we'd rather just play

I can't say how I lost myself
But I did
I can't say why I was suddenly found like a kid
(But I was) tho I hid.
I can't say who helped me scoop all the gold from the desert just because
Or what ancient Indian chief still speaks to me now
from never was
But I can say
The crocodile really does swallow the buses that fall off cliffs
And nerds in hi tech schools worship idiots licks which are made from weed LSD and black sabbath and Hicks
High fashion priests do cocaine at dawn
As the warlords of time cut the heads off the strong blending fabric from ghosts who still need to belong to the purple lights shining on the beats in this song (doing speed)
I've never see (n)
A monkey suit rome from the jungle of worship
(Just to feed)
In the spilled water bong
Or the turntable skipping
Like children in spring (hit the gong)
With the hydrant sprung loose
Under water (water) they sing
Hello to the sun or the goose or the king
And then on the grass
Looking up to the sky it's a feast!
Remembering it won't last singing please help us just to not fear the beast !
This blind moral hum waving crickets goodbye
From crickets to bats to how lightning bugs cry
The magic of mothers or the magic of cats
They go trick or treating thru the valley of rats
With costumes they've worn three years in a row
For apples and candy and gum they can blow
And stories of razors
The blood everywhere
The innocent breath of our minds in despair wondering what is it with this?
A moon that can prey ?
Why should we come home ? (They all say)
When they'd rather just play?!



Now the chaos looks perfect
It used to look more like a chore
The middle riff elated
The stupid things we've said before.
The hide out dreams
Where death awaits
Like a friend you'd like to know
But just to hang out for a night
And in the morning get to go
But there comes a time
When sadness blooms and the rainbows break their arch
And echoes of the life you lived
Like skeletons all March
And all in time like soldiers
Up stone streets where sadness flows
Like a river made of blood
And the you that no one knows.





Toys Toys. Mexican radio lunacy
The widowed peaks and parks
For mobsters who are children
In their shadow evil sparks
With years becoming angry
Our freedom all betrayed
For there is nothing like freedom
Which doesn't also
Something away.
Usually a stranger, you left battered fish,
The gore!
At one time they all loved you,
They do not know you anymore.
Broken fog hat warnings-
The misery pretends,
When all we need is sex
Masquerading as our friends.
Hidden by the weapons.
Long now collecting dust.
To allow yourself release but never knowing
How to bust!
The blooms of clouds iguana
In highlight desert sand,
The stranger you defended never took away your hand.
(But the stranger you relented to, wasn't woman beast or man)

I allowed the sirens to frighten me.
I showed them who I was.
A manager of pain
And a denier of it's cause.
Who here wants forgiveness?
Or knows what to do with health repaired?
When time itself decays
The lives we might have loved or shared.
Melodys I want you
In frames of scattered lust.
There is no one here to hold us
After which we still should trust( trust) for
Each one here is drowning
When pretending still to fly
So glad to see you coming
But still whispering goodbye.
Who in lights could know you?
Would you ever be exposed?
Not just nude or naked,
But revealed without your code. Or codes. Not to unlock windows. Or make a deal with time. But to become who you've been meant to be, without the fucked up mind.



When you go against darkness
Darkness goes against you
Tiny fragments behind
In the wells rotten few.
Bloom like new smoke
In coughs of old rage
The hacking of bone
And burning the page
The words just like dreams
always just fades
Shaving your beard
With cold winter blades.
When you go against darkness
Darkness goes against you
The smallness of man
The things he won't do
No more survivors
You are here on your own
As the revolution dives
racing now for the stone
It's deep in the water.
You must go there alone
can't take your shrinks daughter
Or the silence of bone.
When you go against darkness
Darkness goes against you
Letters from Satan
Or people you knew
And it's not like the light side
Is following you
You're here on your own now
Like dawns morning dew
But soon to be trampled
The soldiers come thru
With guns of misfortune
Pointed at you.
When you go against darkness
Darkness goes against you
It's not like the light side
Is believing in you
So give up on mercy
You're just a body in time
Your blood is all their's
But never your mind.
So give up on love
Or other things you can't find.
Your bones are their building
But they can't have your mind.



Voices in the window
Backbone turning page
They say the shock can blind you
When you open up the cage
A skeleton behind you
Pretending it's still the new age
As the children laugh and play
With their mothers and their rage
Voices in the window
Or just the monkey on my back?
Who says" I want to show you
The things they say you lack
then I want you to get hammered
Thru your thumb a rusty nail
Let's polish off those things you've done
then I promise not to wail. "
Voices in the window
They're louder than before
I think the monkey lied
And locked my bedroom door.
He said I tried to starve him
And for that I had to pay
As day turned into night
And then the night turned into day
sleep became a mystery
It was daylight yet again
My inhibitions gone
Naked taking off my skin.
Naked as a rodent
Breaking down again
They say that love can save you
Tho it's hard to let it in.
Voices in the window
Now they're drowning out the rest
I want to find a hammer
And crack my skull into confess
Locomotive mystics
Thru the ether get me dressed
And I breAk the monkey's door
He says I'll never be the best.
He thinks that I still need him
Or still need to be redeemed
But I've seen thru that old window
With a lower self esteeem
a shadow became flesh
And then my body had a dream
Enhancing weirdo nations.
As the starving sun would beam. (Hi)
These are the invitations
Now walk yourself into the stream. (Bye


2016-10-25 (2)

They're selling drones at rite aid
The spies are everywhere.
You can see thru every wall now
flip on my electric chair
Eyeballs bulge and burst
Breaking open like two eggs
As you see old scenes of murder
Or the way your mother begs.
Omelettes are for lovers
Drinking wine in streets of france
I miss you says the charmer
As his eyes begin to dance
But over both his shoulders
In the distance and the fog
You see a drone from rite aid
Point a laser at a dog
But then it disappears as your
Lover makes a cheers
His brains are on your face now
Wine and blood are everywhere
They're selling drones at rite aid
Where is this gonna end?
With any 3D printer you can
Build a bomb to send
I imagine soon the skies
Will then fill up with doom and grey
But the overcast will come
From machines at war and play.
They're selling drones at rite aid
The world is one big spy
But all of us are freaks.
A billion eyeballs in the sky.
Yeah all of us are freaks
You freaky fucks all get so high
They're selling drones at rite aid
It's a nightmare by and by
The world is now a camera
And a lunatic goodbye
As we fall thru time and mercy
Before we fall up thru the sky
But all of us are freaks.
You freaky fucks I say goodbye



They're putting Jesus on a tow truck
The next time he comes around
Falling satan's wonder
Of the flame inside the crown
Confusion's mistress murder
The last time you toyed with me
I wallowed into birth
And put your bones into the sea



Just a picture of a tow truck.
Not a cry for help.
Or a lady playing bingo,
Drinking bud and eating kelp.
Who wants their own awareness ?
If it's awful anyway?
You have to move with faith,
Shape yourself,
You're made of clay.
A sculpture of a tiger
From long ago
The dumbbell trips,
As she falls over the rug
Our ancient tiger
Shakes and slips.
Shattered all around her
She even cut her lips,
Parting ways to lonely skies
Touching now
His finger tips.
The old lady yells out bingo
But she's made a bad mistake.
The room begins to boo her
For the too much time it takes.
They toss her from the back door
You hear her screaming help!
Sitting there befuddled
Drinking bud and eating kelp.



Self help
Is the new punk rock
Shatter now
Dysfunction's clock
Take the midnight
Hand away
And run the seconds
Back today.
Power chords
Of guilt trips mind
The ones you find
Cognitive diss or
Gaslight grind
Twisted head watching
They wind and wind.
Self help is punk,
It screams for you!
My johnny Rotten
Would say this too.
"Oi you're a slave
To those in need
Who suck at your neck
When they start to bleed
And you've let them stay
And get their feed
Oi you're a slave
To those in need. "
"You thought this
Made you
A man of god
If overtly odd?
To never upset
The apple cart,
You push along
The ones who start,
Feasting when you look away,
A broken love,
A game you play. ". (Jonny you are damned astute and with that broken smile even kinda cute)
Self help
Is the new punk rock
Gasoline feet
Or flame for sock?
Self helps ok
You haters mock. But, I've been armed
With a fancy glockenspiel.
To play a tune
You drift away
The crescendo blooms
Into holes and spray
A gruesome song
You always sang
But was I destroyed
When alarm clocks rang?
Now I know the weight of you
Without a soul
Or something new
Nothing in you
Is unique
Not how you dress
Or sit or speak
And soon the years
Will do away
With the only trick
That you can play
You're faded now
You'll fade some more
Without your looks
A total bore.
It seems to me
You're kind of mad
Don't you know babe
When bad is bad?
Whatever's in your heads a lie
terminal will
A killers eye.
Broke dead chain,
The heart of you,
A mystic train
The freaks there too.
By mystic
I mean,
For the dark.
The rabid dog
Making pigeons bark.
Stapled to
No place to stay
Your old face,
A lone and grey.



Countries like junkies
Hitting self destruct vein
The card will be evil
If Trump is its name
Racial divisions
The poor murdered square
The hipsters indifference
Contempt everywhere
Countries like junkies
Great Britain
Screwed too
Now we make america
Great Brit with no clue
Her blood in the slaughter
Her storm on the rise
You can see darkness build
In the clown leaders eyes
Countries like junkies
Hit self destruct dose
Bodies in piles
Demented and gross
Piled in shadows
Statues of old pain
As the drone cameras fly and
form our new leaders name
Trump the defeated
Is defeated no more
A clown with no brain
And a red button war.
Congratulations indifference
Congratulations you bore
We've set ourselves back
Twenty years or much more.



@mundy_music and I wrote this tonight. then I carried on. in Dublin. 
All the good lines are his. 

This is a new kind of publicity,
Be as disturbing as you can.
Don't wait for the rapture
Shake the devils hand,

Tequila to kill the insults
Come after what you can.
The prize inside is cancer
The rubbish that you fan,

Paper bag couch Memphis
I'm your trash on the porch
I'm voting through the darkness
But you pissed inside my torch

Patron.. patron ..
Do you know what that even means?
It means being my blessed guardian
Or patching up my genes..

I saw you before. All glory and chore,
Battling the same demons I maybe thought I was.
Who knew when to scan? Who could take time to plan?
The sirens of city and the traffic just because.
I said I was jealous, maybe a bit over zealous, cause you're just a brother in arms.
From another lost was,
Like a human you race,
And how can I blame your alarms?
I'm in Dublin alone,
Full of madness and harms,
Another broke home
But we are used to it.
This life on The road,
No place here to live or sit,
Like leonard before
Can't say Tom or Bob more.
The depressions inside us implodes.
But from it comes a joy
A battle cry ploy
A lonely girl chanting alone.
As the buses pass by
And the sirens still cry
For those of us who are now bone.
Chanting up from the dirt
Like a dead thing that's hurt
Or a seagull that's crying alone.
They want you to know that I'm still here for love,
Tho my love may sink you down like a storm.



Looky here!

You create this life
Tho some are here
Handing you a knife
good to see direction.
Blade and hand,
And which of your heads,
Is a dump truck can.

Looky here!

The biggest
Hand in the sky
Pointing to the hole
In both you and eye
A Blinded sun
And clouds that rain
Hippy dippy thoughts
In the same black brain

Looky here!

That's not just poetry
The pigment in the center
They now can see.
Some of our heads
Can't ski the crest
And R
Emotionally dead
Before we rest


Looky here!
Our presidents one
A bully on the schoolyard
Turning screws in our thumb
But Looky here!
It's a beautiful sky
Some come up to Philly
With Ehud and Eye



The nectarine shirt

Suds! scoop it out of my head
Charlie said laughing in NoLa
The checkpoint was cleared
And the washing machines
By the pinballs,are still less revered l.
" they always said it was hard just to know you"
The sassafras child with her nawlins drawl
Scooped strawberry seeds from her nails
Before she writes backward words across certain walls
Her fingers at first looked that she was one of the cursed
Who eat the dead bodies in jails.
Or ride in ships with Broadway's and rails
Your choice where and when this ship sails! Said the first mate peace and LOVE

A spider web exploding in your face
Numb as eyes which fell into a lap top
You erase.

Everything is shattered
But breakless
Bring breakless
Is the only thing that matters.

Sushi for the queens who kiss.
It's funny all these years
We thought we might not make it.
That first hideout and the cheers.
Salmon unagi
Yellowtail swat!
We say it everytime but it's been too many years.
The break only break when the breakless forgot

Everything is shattered
But breakless
Bring breakless

He's an old calf
And guvnor's bloom
The priz e on his farm near the town
Called lagoon
An old poet that Cynthia loved is buried there now and there now we are freezing wearing shirts made out of nectarines,
as we've been told it could turn us into birds overnight.
These shirts they make your chest small and then you take flight as you physically become a bird you fuck. !
They make your chest a fragile box of bird bones and then you fly
You wear the nectarine shirt
Please where it.


2016-11-20 (2)

Naked blood, bone and gum

Don't let anyone
Shame you into silence
Between me and you
That's emotional violence.
Give Er take a few squid
Plus one or minus.
Angus young heart
They study it in science
Bon Scott voice
The giants on the run
From Kentucky in the mind
To the Delaware of fun
Witches spook and hide
And trolls carry guns
As they shoot them at the polls
And vote you to the sun
Sigourney weaver madness
The alien's become
Hidden here again
Another new age bum
With teeth around his head
Francis bacon scum
The sloppy painting place
Naked blood, bone and gum
But the alien survives
Sigourney lost her thumb
Hitchhiking thru the cosmos
Along with everyone.
Giving back to culture
The fear that we've become
You can see it in their faces.
Naked blood, bone and gum


2016-11-20 (3)

The Art of Being.
to be or not to be?
That is not the question,
But rather
should we be
Or have?
If we orient our lives in being rather than having
We find our sanity's less mad.
And truth is not a possession, tho truth is something you have.
When you focus more on being
Than being good or bad.
And don't relent to silence
Here you stick up for your mind.
Tho some will surely whisper
That you're acting so unkind.
But don't betray the shadows
Or the sunlight that you find,
When you see how some will gossip
As old tapes then rewind.
Were you bullied on the schoolyard ?
Did you like to play with dolls?
Did you ever take a beating
Up against some fractured walls?
Trouble is still likely
But you are here to fall
But not before you rise
Far beyond the names they call.
To be or not to be?
For me that's not the question
It's simply to be or have.
I sleep at night much sounder now,
And the silence isn't bad



Good morning.

Who is it, that is always on the other side of you?

Be your own lamp
Where are the birds flying too?
They have already flown away!
Missing art isn't new,
Thievery is religion.
I heard a zen monk claim.
If you want to see,
See right at once
It's not a mental game.
If you're thinking
you've already missed it. Be.
A car swerving in its lane.
Reality's a bitch!
A lip, and everyone's kissed it!
I heard a drunk once say.

Isness is the meaning
When the mind
abides us there.
Life of the senses,
Has been careening, into
The mind of god's blank stare.
The world of the arts. Or laughter.
Don't think!
and it's still here.
Like weapon's of your grace. Grey matter.
They always meet you there.
Your life is your art,
An old apple cart
the heart of god's new dare.
Complete when you start
Or secretly fart
A flower on a chair.

A poet or a swordsman
Must react!
to what's here now
When the mind is unawakened
Creation is a cow.
A slow lazy thing
Eating tons of grass and dust.
The source of being or slavery
And all those selves you pass and trust.
No reflecting whatsoever,
As soon as you see. See!
No need to think about it.
If you want to have. Just be.



Art is over morals
Art will always win
Morals, from without
Art is from within.
Repression is insulting
Deflecting you
Morals are hoax
And they trick you
Time to sin!
don't mean
Be an ass
Karma gets you in the end
An arrow off the mark, both
Scandalous and thin.
Movie stars on acid
Ink tattooed on old skin,
The cameras and the lights
The moths are flying
here again.

Art is over morals
Every poet needs to hear,
So your inner voice won't shut down
As you tremble in your fear.
Instinct is your master
And instinct doesn't care
About who is wrong or right
Or if anyone is here.

You have no self to cover
So banish any hope!
Or any other needle
Full of suffering or dope.
The candle is still burning
The noose of my old rope
I'm just glad to get away
Before my enemies could cope.

Ah but have you really fled?
Or are you still exactly here?
Depending on the likes
Like suds on Belgium beer.
Or do you look away
Having given not a care? As
The hopeless come to pray
In your shadows of despair.

Cut all sides of loss
No ones keeping any score
That can survive the burning sun
Putting shadows on your door.
Cut all sides of loss
The emptiness will give you more
Than any person could
Putting shadows on your door.


2016-11-22 (2)

If you know when
You're not behaving , Then you know
When not to behave.
Just who's been doing the enslaving
Or was it you that's been enslaved?
When there's something you should say
But just see a lonely grave
Who put the fear inside you?
Or built for you a cage?

If you know when
You're not behaving,
Then you know when not to behave.
Be a burning flower
Or a beard no one can shave.
make sure you keep your razor
For the captors have their blade,
You can hide it in your mind, n
cut, if and when they come to save.

Have you gone insane?
Or are you going your own way?
The limits of your pain
At first say
"put these thoughts away. "
But when you feel the dirt being heaped upon your grave,
May you rise up from the dead
to never be another's slave.

If you know when you're not behaving
Then you know when not to behave.
Say it as a mantra till your shadows lose their prey.
To gather up beside you,
To scare the fools who play you. 
Freedom is so menacing, they can't give that shit away. Fool;))



All that you must know
is you should never look away.
See the ropes of violence
beneath the softness of the clay.
If your heart has just been shattered. 
A plate thrown against the wall. 
But time shows you the fixes and works with moisture of the fall. 
The leaves are turning quickly and will disappear again. 
Death it comes to all. 
Both enemy and friend.
So see behind the mask and then learn to look again. 
Some plagiarize their trust and yet you trust them to begin. 
To really try to love you. 

To really hold you in. 
The highest of regard like air you breath the wind. but it's not out there around you, all you need comes from within. 
So don't revert your eyes when the darkness comes again.
All that you must know is you should never look away. 
Blindness on its own won't keep backstabbers at bay. 
Their true intention hidden when they laugh or call you gay. 
You may not like what you see but never should you look away.



The war of nerves
The war of trash
The war of hopeful
Hearts you bash
The puppet of players
The goose neck dance
Shenanigan shade
The second you glance
(Across your second chance)
The war of love
The war of pride
The war of flame
In your old mans stride
The minion of money
The people charade
Your fans call you honey
As they dig for your grave
Give up the third chance
Your not ready to go
Wait for the chance
Where you let nobody know
Play with keys
In the graveyards eye
Kiss the new earth
Then gut punch the sky
Don't take me yet
Let all the gods know
You'll hang onto breath
Until you're ready to go
In deaths decision
Executioners men
We'll all be reprieved
Both chicken and hen
Give up the eggs
Throw toilet roll
Tee pee the neighbors
And fill in the hole.



Speaking of your homicide with a stranger at the bar
Throwing candied eggs out of stolen windows car
Blooming on regret as if I was some huge falling star
As I identify with bugs under magnifying scars
Becoming broken wings as we fall again thru skies
As the kings of the new world break their glance with bloodshot eyes
Missing you again as cacophonies of rage
Fumble thru my teeth like foggy words without a page
Let's flip them back and forth let's see if the message plays
You threaten disappearance but it's you who always stays
In the shattered shadows glory as he trumpets the new age
Listen to me dance my eyes are sparkle brown and sage.
Forgotten in the wind your knife it cuts my honey dew
I used to want to die but then I used to think like you
I wish that we weren't forfeited I wish salvation reigned
But I've survived thru ancient murder never mind that I've been stained.


2016-12-11 (2)

The smear campaign is real
She sold out all her friends
The dentist she devoured
Smeared her shit across his hands
The stories she would tell,
“Everyone's a slut “she'd say
Until another bell
Would make her eyes go dead and grey
Then would come the silence
A blanket made of rage
The fog of blame descends
Without a word on any page
You ask her what is wrong
But she just gives a tiny burp
A yellow feather flies
From her cartoon cat mouth “chirp!”
That was are only canary
And yet we're in the coal mine still
She starts bad mouthing me cause it's
My fault when she gets ill
The canary resurrects!
And flies with haste out of her mouth
As she says she's heading north
While packing for the south.
Everyone's a coward
Everyone's a cheat
This one has bad breath
And only three and one half teeth.
She picks them all apart
And smears each one again
Her flying monkeys soon will know
She's never been their friend
All of them have herpes
And fuck without remorse
At least that's what she says
As she shoots her favorite horse.
Giving up diseases
Like it's what they do. “Of course!”
If her flying monkeys knew
I'm sure they'd call out for divorce.
But her cold charm lures them in
Trauma bonds are strong
We all are out here looking
For a person to belong.
I guess it's not her fault
These types are all around
Their medulla doesn't function
So no empathy gets found
And without those frontal lobes
The lizard leads the way
Destroying people's souls
And minds to shape like clay
Embedded language used
“Just give me your mind away”
How I hear you ask
Do you not have any say?
Can anyone control what you read into a sign?
Can thoughts be planted here. Poison seeds and fertile mind.
Well it's a basic set of functions
It's a rather stupid crime
But if you aren't suspecting it
You'll get snagged into its bind.
Gaslight making bombs
From your fuse of need and trust
A monster such as she
Forever trapped in shame and rust.
I want to warn the victims
She accumulates around
But she's smeared me every way
To them I'm a crazy fractured clown
I'm sure it's worse than that
She's an evil little pill
But I have flown her crazy coup
And recovered m



Gold fish and green skull
And a skeleton of grace
Blow the shattered reasons
Across the astronauts new face
A rattlesnake skin rattles
When I get a note from you
Draped over my guitar and
Otherwise a quiet room.


2016-12-12 (2)

This world is an asylum
For the harpooned or the damned
Your fragrance and your flattery
Or the devils sleight of hand ?
Begin to crawl inside you
And begin to understand
The left side of your fracture
In the whole of who I am
We've witnessed.

Also I'm afraid of little girls walking down the street in brooklyn. They are literally the most terrifying thing a grown man can see. Lol or cut your wrists. This is a poem. And porn.


2016-12-12 (3)

The truth is you've been dead
For quite a very long time
I kept you as my statue
To prop up a sick mind
And in that we worked in concert
My destruction kept me blind
But I saw what you would show me
As you said now never mind.
Holding onto memories
That never really have been kind
The blood sport of this life
Suck the neck veins Clémentine
Rotten willows flying
Broken watches telling time
Let me help you up
Or on this old wound squeeze my lime.


2016-12-12 (4)

This place is the past
This place I am currently in
In no time we destroy
And where do we begin again?
Hallallugia soldier
Hallalughiaaa time to spend
The time you love to waste
And the time you can't defend
Set our watches backwards
There's racists here again
Bla bla they've been here before
But now their stink is sinking in
I'm tired of their fear
Their childish garbage bin
I piss my lighter fluid
And like Cobra burn my match to them.



And then you were always gone, and never were you really here.

Baby let's get a win oh beg o at the end of the world,
And march out our sending orders on the backs of ants thru desert sands.
Then let's eat the medicine that let's us see a finer pearl,
or to rebuild our purpose, and Or clean our bloody hands.
The headless chicken runs around
this machine gun parking lot,
but at least I'm free from the psychic jail,
and in a space which time forgot.
A space where I can think from,
and forgive now all the damned, that stood before me murdered,
as they tried to shake my hand.
Baby let's get married. You got a diamond nose. and tho you're cold as ice you still look good without your clothes.
Most of us surrender,
our place of high ideal, there's just too much time to waste,
and too much pain to feel.
Baby youre a leper,
or a snake of golden brain.
where you call for love to structure,
another noise to feed me shame.
Slither in your sex,
your religion hides in there,
you're still playing off of that and shining men who really care.
But baby I forgive you, tho I'm glad to leave you here.
Knocking on your door,
my knuckles came against your fear.
Tho I never laid a hand, my words brought forth a tear,
and then you were always gone,
and never were you really here.



Old Wasabi Blossom Or What the Water Said

I stood across huicholes
I had a blanket and prayer,
Let's pray now for their shame,
And let's rest now from our fear.
There was no wolf man shaman
But a friendly little man,
Who with a wing like feather,
Swept my spirit,
flame to fan.
I stared into the fire,
Could see my father there.
We were both inside there burning,
but the flame was old despair.
Then he was on his knees, His body burning there, and I was on my feet,
And the flame was hardly there.
Then there was a Phoenix, or an eagle and prayer,
It's wings were made of smoke,
It's flight was truth or dare.
My past was spin the bottle.
I saw her sitting there.
Her hatred was the wood,
The ash,
my soul could bare.
Blood and chickens holler,
The meanings cooked, compare.
The drum and shaker singing,
A hollow beat or brooding stare.
Of cold wind and the hours
The minutes that you pair,
As time as whole as apples,
Bites the devil's mouth aware.
Your body death will swallow,
Don't question if it's fair.
Just make your way to God,
while you still can choose to dare.
Truth is overrated,
and they hate the ones who share.
Unless you make it funny,
wrap a joke inside a prayer.
When the ceremony was over,
the shaman took me everywhere.
Bamboo to my nose,
blew the snuff inside with care.
like an old wasabi blossom,
prayer rode me like a mare.
My eyes began to water, he said "set your intention clear."
I prayed just for forgiveness,
and acceptance of the queer.
For myself and for my enemies,
spirit wandered like a deer.
As anger is the cage,
You must find your way from there,
For sure they will let you down,
But then with what do you compare?
People have brought misery,
since the times before the chair,
Or the table or the door,
when someone's knocking, no ones there.

It comes down to surrender.
When you give up you stay right here.
The blue lights always flashing,
and the red light somewhere near.
You can follow times destruction,
or you can follow cunts who swear.
That life has little meaning,
past a cum shot or a prayer.
Past a silly Sunday driver,
Or a miser that says "beware".
The thieves out here will rob you,
When it's softness that you share.
But the vulnerable have power,
If they can simply see it there.
The flames still burning higher,
ashes floating everywhere.
I used to move inside you, tho
I don't think you were there.
But time is made for wasting,
And wasting time is what your wear,
When you're naked under bodies,
And the eyes begin to stare,
And you see a grey ghost calling,
from the smoke and fires' scare
Who have you forgiven?
Who tried to leave you there?
As you lay there numb or murdered,
A ghoulish thing, now set to scare.
The nightmares this life shows you,
Do we really need them here?
I suppose we move thru stations,
rusty engines of our fear.
But yours, it needs more oil,
smoke is rising, so beware.
The shaman is still chanting,
but the drum beats unaware.
When you try and make your money,
By selling freedom from despair ,
fractured chants of hope,
for the hopeless everywhere.
You claim a higher order
And claim you really care,
But how to measure empathy?
And how do you compare?
You've got to go beyond, past the cracks in every mirror or else
You'll give away the source
And you'll do so unaware.
I wish that I could teach you
Exactly why nothing is fair,
But there is no lesson book that gives relief from that despair.
The water is acceptance
And it will flow soon everywhere,
It will break thru all resistance so
Learn to let go when you're there.


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