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REVIEW : Temporary People - Chart Attack

Joseph Arthur has been putting out records at a frantic pace over his 10-year career but no period has been quite like 2008 for the American musician. 

Temporary People is his fifth disc of the year, following a staggered series of EP releases. This is Arthur's second full-length with his Lonely Astronaut players, and it's clear from the start that this is the first time one of his albums has truly sounded like it's being played by a band and not by one man. 

Arthur is used to being the focal point (and one would assume he's still writing the lyrics), but on Temporary People, he very skillfully steps into the background and lets his bandmates flaunt their wares. Those looking for Joseph Arthur the solo artist should still seek out 2000's Come To Where I'm From. 

For anyone interested in Joseph Arthur the band leader, Temporary People is a first-rate place to start.

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