INTERVIEW : 2016-08-27 Rock musicians show another side at Great Park art show (by Antoine Boessenkool)

Arthur’s paintings are portraits, but in the vein of Picasso. They’re colorful and electric, as rhythm is, Arthur said. They’re almost alien-like, with splatters of paint, looping lines and out-of-proportion features.

Arthur describes them as ideas bubbling up from the subconscious.

“I wouldn’t want to sort of tack on a meaning to them or limit them,” he said. “They’re meant to be read through your perception and your interpretation."

“I love art that encourages you to follow your creativity, even if you don’t know what you’re doing.” Rock ’n’ roll is a bit like that too, he said. “You always have to have some ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ in it.”

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