2016-09-16 - The Cobalt, Vancouver

On Stage :

Solo concert

Setlist :

You Keep Hanging On, aborted (technical difficulties, round one)
You Keep Hanging On
Out On a Limb
You Are Free
You Wear Me Out
When Doves Cry, aborted (technical difficulties, round two)
All the Old Heroes
When Doves Cry
Toxic Angel (aborted)
"So You Came Inside Your Wife?"
Travel As Equals
Ladies and gentleman, more technical difficulties
I Miss the Zoo
In the Sun

Recording :

Recorded by Grumpella with Zoom H1 as WAV 254 bit/96 khz, tracks split, levels adjusted and converted to FLAC 16 bit with Audacity.

The opener, Reuben Hollebon, had not a single hitch during his set. What suddenly caused so many problems during Joe's set, I have no idea. It did eat up a pretty fair chunk of his set time, though, but he handled it with humor and grace.
On a technical note, as Joe spent portions of a couple of the lengthier delays sitting on his stool, chatting off-mic, I've toyed with the levels a bit to try to make it easier to hear him without cranking your volume up on playback.
After the show I asked him if he minded a bootleg of the show circulating as it was so rough, and he seemed puzzled that people kept calling it a rough night, saying he felt good about it and had a good night.
So it is with his blessing that this goes out, and let this be a lesson for concert goers in the future - no matter how excited you are that your wife is pregnant, don't go to a concert and shout conversations to your friends all throughout the show. Even Joe will eventually ask you to shut up.

As always, support the artists you love, buy their music and merch legally!

A Grumpella recording

FLAC : https://mega.nz/#F!K1NCiZaB!8lfxr3_BZAyJrARUv1mPdg
mp3 : https://mega.nz/#F!e5ES0L4Z!rgObHV1H4I0rljwTTeSonw

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