INTERVIEW : 2018-05-15 Arthur Buck share “Forever Waiting” and Announce Tour (by Christopher Roberts)

Joseph Arthur and R.E.M.'s Peter Buck recently teamed up as Arthur Buck and are releasing their self-titled debut album on June 15 via New West. Previously they shared the album's "I Am the Moment." Now they have shared another song from the album, "Forever Waiting," and announced some tour dates. Check out the song and dates below.

Arthur had this to say about the song: "'Forever Waiting' was one of the initial songs we wrote together in Mexico. One of the first four and to me then, it was evidence of a blooming chemistry. 'You call it weakness to sell your love across the wall. But now all your secrets. Won't cover up the way you crawl.' Those somewhat esoteric lines remind me of what it's like to be an artist and the strangeness of profiting off the damage of your life. But they are abstract enough to create other meanings."

Arthur produced the album, which was mixed by Tchad Blake (U2, Pearl Jam, The Black Keys). Also songs were written by Arthur and Buck. The band's debut began in Mexico at the end of 2017 when the pair wrote eight songs in three days and then on the fourth day performed them for some locals. Then the basic tracks were recorded at Type Foundry Studio in Portland, OR and then Arthur produced the album at his studio in Brooklyn, NY.

Arthur had this to say about the album in a previous press release: "My first thought was, 'Hey, I'll get Peter to play acoustic guitar on some of the stuff I'm working on!' So I started showing him songs. But he was like, 'That's cool. Now check this out.' And he started playing chords and whatnot. So I put my guitar down and began singing over his changes, and it was magical. It was easy. And these great songs just started popping out."

Buck had this to say: "It was all new songs, and it was spontaneous. And the great thing about working that way was that it didn't have to be anything in particular. It was liberated from any expectation. It was free." 

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